It's almost time for Old Home Week... one of my favorite times of the year.  The town actually seems alive at night.  Don't forget the Star Hose stands with the great sandwiches and french fries.  Old Home Week is a good time to let the firemen and auxiliary know how much you appreciate their service throughout the year!


Did you take in the game between the Coudy and Port Allegany Alumni...the Gators did us proud!  Thanks to everyone who played a part in this event ...especially Kerry Hawver and Brandon Bliss who organize everything and to Kari Stake for heading the food drive.  The event was a success and two truckloads of food were donated to PACS.

The game was's very nice to have the opportunity to interact with some great kids - I guess I should call them young men!  Some will tell you they aren't so young - but they definitely were young at heart.  The Youth Football Cheerleaders did a nice job cheering on the team...and the Alumni Band sounded great!  They only had a couple of hours of practice.  I was surprised there were not more musicians, but it was nice of Brad Stewart to take care of getting the band together.  The Youth Football players took the field to be recognized during half-time.  It won't be long before those teams start to practice.   Congratulations to Coaches Bob Haskins, PAHS Class of 1974 and Clair Hawver, PAHS Class of 1972 and the entire team of Gator Alumni for a great afternoon of football.

I'm so far behind on everything that I forget what I have talked about and not talked about in this column.  I finally got all of the school pictures in - awards and senior days and banquets and the like.  At first I felt bad that it was taking so long.  Then I thought about how many kids were recognized for so many different reasons and decided that it was a nice problem to have.  If I forgot anything, I'm sure someone will let me know!

Last week I wrote about celebrating our grandson's 21st birthday.  Next on the list of family birthdays was my niece, Alana, and my Uncle Bob.  Monday will be Makayla's 6th birthday and a couple of days later my brother Lance and his wife, Debbie, will celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary and our son, Mike, and his wife, Charlene, will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe!  Again, seems just like yesterday when these couples were married.  They always said...the older you get, the faster time seems to fly.  I never believed that when I was younger...I sure believe it now.  Uh oh, before I get in trouble, I should mention that Lexi and Matt will celebrate their second anniversary on the 25th of July.  Guess I better get to the card store, soon!

I had occasion to visit Cole's Express Care. It was a very pleasant experience, although I wish I had not had to make that trip.  The people were all very efficient and my wait time was minimal.  So, even though I don't wish to make a habit of going to Express Care, I sure am glad that it is available when I need it.

Cathy Mulcahey visited Rotary to tell about her upcoming mission trip.  She's having a chicken BBQ on July 23 to help fund this trip.  Stop by the Jubilee and get a great meal and wish her husband, Mike, a happy birthday.  I understand he's spending the day cooking chicken!

The Community VBS being held at the Arnold Avenue Churches will take place from July 31 to August 4.  The Alliance Church always has a great VBS as well.  I'm not sure of their dates, but as soon as I track them down, I'll pass them on.  Vacation Bible Schools are always a lot of fun and the kids learn so much without trying very hard to do so.

Last, but never least, the Library Dinner Auction will be here before you know it.  Start looking around to see what you can do to contribute.  The event is always a lot of fun and has always been successful in raising funds for the operating expenses of the library.