Casey, Gillibrand Introduce Bill to Encourage Job Creation

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) today introduced legislation to create jobs and spur economic growth. The Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit Act would encourage businesses to add jobs and to reverse cuts in salaries and worker hours.

“We have taken important strides toward an economic recovery, but far too many Americans remain unemployed or underemployed,” said Senator Casey. “This legislation would help businesses hire workers, the most effective way to quicken the recovery and return prosperity to our communities that have suffered through the recession.”

“The best way to cut the deficit is to put people back to work,” Senator Gillibrand said. “We can’t afford tax breaks for the wealthiest few Americans who are doing just fine in this tough economy. We need to put the middle class first with smart tax policy that can actually benefit this country – by creating jobs and putting Americans back to work.”

The legislation creates a one-year, quarterly payroll tax credit for small businesses that is equal to 20 percent of the total increase in employee wages, either from new employment or an increase in payroll. 

Because a firm’s benefit is based on its increased payroll, businesses will have an incentive not only to hire new workers, but also to increase the hours of workers whose hours were cut or who were asked to take reduced pay as their company navigated difficult economic times. 

Studies conducted by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and the Economic Policy Institute confirm that among all payroll tax proposals, a tax credit linked to an overall increase in payroll offers the greatest economic impact and will create the most jobs for our nation’s economy.


Casey Calls High Unemployment Rate Among Post-9/11 Veterans Deplorable

WASHINGTON, DC—U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Chairman of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, today released updated statistics on the employment situation for Post-9/11 veterans. Currently, 232,000 veterans who served in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 are unemployed with Post-9/11 veterans now facing an unemployment rate of 12.1 percent.

“The high unemployment rate among recent veterans is deplorable. These men and women have made innumerable sacrifices in defense of our country, yet many are struggling to find employment in today’s labor market, despite their training and experience,” said Chairman Casey. “Making investments to ensure that existing federal programs are helping our veterans succeed in today’s labor market will strengthen the economic security of veterans, their families, and the nation.”

Nearly 2.5 million veterans have separated from active-duty service since September 2001, and many more will follow in the immediate future. The JEC recently released a report, Meeting the Needs of Veterans in Today’s Labor Force, that examines the challenging labor market facing these veterans and underscores the need for effective job search and training programs that will help servicemembers transition to the civilian workforce once they have separated from the military.

“The JEC  report highlights the unacceptably high jobless rate among men and women who have served our country since September 2001,” said Senator Casey.  “These courageous servicemembers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are still feeling the effects of the Great Recession. This report shows that current federal efforts to help veterans shift from military life to civilian employment are falling short, and Washington needs to do more to educate and train our returning military so they can fully participate in the workforce and help strengthen our economy.”

For the first time, the Joint Economic Committee’s monthly publication, Understanding the Economy: State-by-State Economic Snapshots (most recently released in June), includes a table of the unemployment rates in 2010 for the total veteran population in each state, and for Post-9/11 veterans in each state. The table also includes data on the number of Post-9/11 veterans in the labor force in each state, as well as the number of those veterans who are unemployed.

Last year, Post-9/11 veterans faced higher unemployment rates than the overall veteran population in 35 states and the District of Columbia, with Post-9/11 veterans in Michigan experiencing the highest unemployment rate (29.4%). Nationally, Post-9/11 veterans had an average unemployment rate in 2010 almost 3 percentage points higher than the overall veteran unemployment rate, 11.5% versus 8.7%. In addition, the JEC has prepared a chart that showcases the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on veterans’ unemployment.

Added Casey, “As we observe Independence Day, we must keep in mind those who have fought for the security of our country and we must ensure that we are doing everything possible to help veterans finds jobs when they return home and begin the next chapter of their lives.”


Casey Honors Service Members and Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC—U.S. Senator Bob Casey released the following statement in recognition of service members and veterans:

“As we celebrate the 4th of July, I want to recognize the brave men and women who have continued to fight for our freedoms.  We are grateful for the safe homecoming of every single man and woman who has served in harm’s way.  Our joy at their return should be reflected in our commitment to helping those who have served, especially those who are coping with devastating physical and psychological injuries and illnesses as a result of their service. 

“I wanted to highlight a few issues I’m working on to help veterans across Pennsylvania.  As Chair of the Joint Economic Committee I recently released a report that examines the employment situation of our veterans. Currently, veterans have a significantly higher rate of unemployment than the national average.  This is frankly unacceptable.  As we continue to grow and build the economy we must continue to take into consideration the brave men and women that fought for our county. This is why I became an original cosponsor of S. 951, the Hiring Heroes Act of 2011, which was introduced by Senator Patty Murray, Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.  This bill provides reimbursement to employers that provide on the job training to veterans.  This is the first bill of its kind that provides extensive job training for all returning service members. 

“To help veterans returning to civilian life, I introduced S. 1104, the Transition Assistance Program Audit Act of 2011.  This bill ensures that our veterans are getting the assistance they need under the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). My legislation calls for an independent third party to audit the program’s effectiveness every three years to ensure that it is providing up-to-date, effective services that are helping match veterans to employers.  TAP helps veterans navigate the transition between military service and civilian employment.  The courageous men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country, living in towns and cities across the Commonwealth and in every corner of our nation, deserve first-rate employment services to help them transition back to civilian life.  

“We also must continue to improve healthcare for all veterans.  I look forward to working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that all of our men and women who served our country have the services they need.  We must guarantee that these services remain available and affordable to all veterans and their families.   

“I look forward to continuing to hear from you about how I can help veterans across Pennsylvania.”



Boro Enforcing Rules

By Martha Knight

A Chestnut Street property owner will be warned one more, then taken to court if necessary, to effect compliance with the local sewer ordinance, borough manager Richard Kallenborn told the Port Allegany Borough Council Tuesday night. The group met one night later than usual because of the holiday.

“He is refusing to put his lateral in,” Kallenborn told council members, referring to the local measure that requires property owners to install their connection to the borough sewer line after a major upgrade to the collector system. The Chestnut Street sewer line was replaced over a year ago as part of the borough’s ongoing sewer system replacement.

Kallenborn noted that a Church Street property owner who had been recalcitrant about putting in a new hook-on had been cited for violation of the same measure, last year, and had been ordered to comply. “It cost them a lot more because of legal and court costs,” Kallenborn commented.

In other code enforcement matters, Kallenborn said that several noncompliant owners are absentee landlords, some of whom “we can’t even find.”

The borough crew has replaced storm sewer lines along Mill Street, Catlin Avenue and Benton Avenue; and is patching blacktop and repairing highways, and grading berms, Kallenborn said.

Some crosswalks have been painted, and others will be, Kallenborn said. When council member Dave Fair reported having noticed street crossing lines being more visible in Smethport and Eldred, due to having a hatching painted within the crossing area, Kallenborn did not reply.

Ronald Bittner, a CPA with Trollinger Consulting Group, Allentown, presented a report on the investment performance of the two employee pension plans. He said returns have far exceeded expectations in the past two years, with an over-all return of 30 percent—12.7 percent in 2010 and 18 percent in 2009.

 As of March 31, the police pension fund had a market value of $697,581.87, up from $658,939.19 a year previous. Some $68,110.62 was paid out in retirement benefits in that period.

The non-uniformed employee pension plan showed an asset total of $1,024,118.57, up from $905,685.06, with $51,113.40.

Council members decided to meet later this month to plan for upcoming negotiations with non-uniform, non-office employees.

Kallenborn said that the borough has received permits for stream bank stabilization work to be undertaken along Lillibridge Creek, where there has been erosion. Also, the borough and school district will work together to find a solution to the bank being undercut by the same stream, near the high school parking lot.

The manager’s report also contained words of praise for the community groups who have cared for flower beds in public areas. The flowers in hanging baskets, Main Street planters and around the gazebo have been mentioned in many positive comments, Kallenborn said, adding that the gazebo flower beds will need one more good weeding before Old Home Week, set to begin July 18.

Council vice-president Kate Kysor presided at the meeting, in the absence of president Judy Taylor.


Port Allegany Woman Flown To Hamot Medical Center Following Tuesday Mishap

Chelsie L. Dahlke, 21, of Port Allegany received moderate injuries following a Tuesday afternoon accident, which also sent 78-year-old Eldred resident Frank Albney to Hamot Medical Center in Erie.

Kane-based state police who investigated tell Port Allegany Online Route 446 was closed do to the accident in which Dahlke was traveling south when her 2000 Nissan Sentra left the roadway, at which time the driver attempted re-entry only to spin counter-clockwise before crossing the center line and strike an embankment and come to rest.

Neither Dahlke or Albany were using seatbelts at the time of the incident.  As a result, both were flown to Erie by Mercy Flight and Stat Medivac helicopters from a landing zone set up at the Eldred Park.  Assisting Eldred Ambulance was personnel from Port Allegany Ambulance Service.

Traffic was controlled by fire police at the New York/Pennsylvania state line and the intersection of Routes 346 and 446 at Fox’s Pizza.


Causer Announces Ninth Annual Senior Citizens Expo

HARRISBURG – Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) will host the Ninth Annual Senior Citizens Expo on Friday, Aug. 5, at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Sports and Fitness Building gymnasium.

The free event will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and lunch will be provided.

“This is a great opportunity for senior citizens and their families to learn about the many programs and services available to them,” Causer said. “I encourage people to come check it out.”

State, county and local vendors will be on hand to distribute information and answer questions. Information about health care, insurance, nutrition and exercise, fire safety, financial planning, fraud protection, government services, hunting/fishing and personal safety will be available. Health screenings will also be offered, and door prizes will be awarded.

A second expo will be held on Friday, Oct. 7, at the Roulette Fire Hall in Roulette.

For more information about the senior expo in Bradford, contact Causer’s Bradford district office at (814) 362-4400. For the expo in Roulette, contact Causer’s Coudersport office at (814) 274-9769. Information is also available at or on Facebook at


E. J. Fetterly Killed By Bandit Shot During A Scuffle After An Attempted Holdup

Here’s a cold case (86.5 years old) the Canoe Place Historical Society may revisit, if not solve, beginning this Thursday night at the group’s meeting in the Free Methodist Church social room. A McKean County Historical Society speaker will discuss historical event re-enactment research and production.

The most terrible crime ever recorded in the history of Port Allegany took place at 12:30 o'clock this morning, when Earl J. Fetterly, prominent businessman, was murdered by a robber at Maple Shade Inn. He was shot through the heart and died instantly.

W.J. Barrho, Cashier of the First National Bank, was also injured, receiving a painful cut on the forehead from the outlaw's gun.

The murderer escaped, leaving no clues as to his identity, and no trace of him has since been found, though the local police and county detective Allison have been very active in their investigation.

The terrible crime, which has stirred Port Allegany to its depths, was the result of an attempt by a bandit to rob six local men at the Maple Shade Inn. These men, consisting of I.B. Bernstein, A.L. Duhart, William J. Barrho, Walter H. Barrho and Dr. D.C. Hanna had been invited by Mr. Fetterly to spend the evening with him at the Inn.

About midnight they had partaken of a lunch. While still seated at the table, but about to leave for their homes, the robber entered the dining room. They were engrossed in their conversation and did not notice his approach until they heard his stern command to hold up their hands.

Upon looking up they saw a man dressed in blue overalls, somewhat faded, dark coat and his face masked by a red bandanna handkerchief, pointing his gun at them. When they hesitated, he commanded them to hurry as he meant business.

All six then placed their hands as commanded. His next command was for them to place their right hand on the table and to get their wallets and money from their pockets with the left hand. The men instantly complied, some of them bringing out silver money.

He then said he wanted no silver money just bills. When each man had placed money in front of himself up on the table, the bandit commanded Mr. Fetterly, who was seated nearest him, to gather up the money and hand it over. Mr. Fetterly hesitated and was advised by his companions to do as he was commanded.

Earl gathered up some of the money, arose from his chair and turned to face the robber. As he arose he tried to seize the criminal. The bandit backed away and toward the door at the front end of the dining room and Earl followed.

Near the door they scuffled, the bandit still trying to escape. By this time W. J. Barrho had also rushed up and started to grapple with the man with Dr. D.C. Hanna coming up directly behind him. As they reached the doorway, the robber fired his revolver at Fetterly, the bullet entering the heart and killing him instantly. Barrho still had hold of the murderer, however, and his escape was barred unless he could break loose. He fired a second shot, but was held so close by Barrho that he could not hit him, the bullet going beneath Barrho's arm. He then swung the gun and hit Barrho on the forehead, causing a gash about two inches long which penetrated to the bone.

Partly dazed, and his eyes filled with blood, Barrho had to release the bandit, who either jumped or fell over the porch railing, ran behind two automobiles that were standing on the lawn, and ran across the lawn to the north side where he disappeared.

Mr. Fetterly fell upon the porch when shot, and only breathed a few times afterward. His body was picked up and brought into the hallway, where it was found when life was extinct.

In spite of the terrible nature of the crime, the bandit was forced to flee without securing any of the money he sought.

County Detective Allison was summoned from Smethport, and was on the job within an hour after the crime had been committed. A number of clues are being followed up and it is hoped to have the murder apprehended within a short time.

It is not thought that he had any automobile to get away with. For this reason, many think that it might have been the work of a local person.

Feeling runs high in Port Allegany, as Mr. Fetterly was deservedly one of the most popular men in town, always friendly and agreeable, public spirited, generous and a friend to everyone, he will be very greatly missed.

[[Excerpts from the story in the December 18, 1924 edition of the Reporter Argus]]


Sixth Level Academic Achievement - PAES Sixth Level students who scored Proficient/Advanced in Reading or Math and had less than three checks all year were awarded Academic Achievement certificates.  They are (front row, left to right) Evie Russell, Calvin Burleson, Morgan Greeley, Kayla Sprankle; (back row) Jourdan Robbins, Gabriella Goodwill and Daniel Fernstrom.  Missing from the photo are Derick Butler and Ty-Del Green.  Pam Fischer Photo


Chicken BBQ To Benefit Missions Trip - A Chicken BBQ Dinner will be held Saturday, July 23 at the Jubilee Parking Lot beginning at 11 a.m. until sold out,  Proceeds from the BBQ will go to sponsor International Volunteer, Cathy Mulcahey, on a missions trip to Cartago, Costa Rica from August 21 to August 28.  The dinner will include half chicken, baked beans, potato salad, roll/butter at a cost of $8.  For more information about the mission trip, go to Photo





Distinguished Achievement

Sixth Level students who scored Proficient/ Advanced in Reading or Math on the 4 Sight exams that are given four times a year and who received no checks all year, were given certificates of Distinguished Achievement at the Sixth Level Promotion held recently at Port Allegany Elementary School.  They are pictured (front row, left to right) Teddi Kaple, Lorelei Smith, Autumn Buchenschutz, Emily Stepp, Marianna Seefeldt; (back) Makayla Hults, Ryan McNeil, Jorden Bell, Recchi Specht and Hayley Bayline.  Missing from the photo are Morgan Causer and Ethan Edgreen.  Pam Fischer Photo


Memorial Award Winners

The Memorial Awards presented to seniors at the Annual Awards Assembly went to the following:  The Bernard Freeman/Kathleen Sallade Scholarship went to Breanna Foster and Franklin Austin; The Gerald Stayer Memorial Scholarship of $400 went to Benn Baxter; The Gilbert and Billie Allen Award of $500 went to Bryanna Evens; the Horatio Alger Pennsylvania Scholar Awards went to Nicole Andrus, Alesha Shatley and Tyler Smith; the John Thrash Memorial Scholarship of $300 per year for four years of college went to Chad Barnard; The Knights of Columbus Council 8018 Scholarship of $200 went to Bryanna Evens; The PAEA Higher Education Award went to Renee Edgell; the Patricia Lloyd Memorial Award of $200 went to Bryanna Evens.  The Raymond Charles Varney Scholarship of $1200 went to Jennifer Swick and The Lt. William E. Daisley, Jr., Mathematics Award as well ad the WACOPSE Federal Credit Union Scholarship of $500 both went to Bryanna Evens.  The Richard K. Taylor Scholarship Award of $500 went to Ken Kysor.  Pictured (front row, left to right) Chad Barnard, Benn Baxter, Bryanna Evens; (back) Ken Kysor, Franklin Austin, Jennifer Swick and Breanna Foster.  Pam Fischer Photo


Pitt-Bradford To Hold Class On Intellectual Property

BRADFORD, Pa. – The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development will hold a seminar on protecting intellectual property.

The class will meet 6 to 8 p.m. August 11 in Room 200 of the Seneca Building in downtown Bradford, with registration and refreshments beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Attorney Jonathan D’Silva will cover how to protect the intellectual property assets of small businesses and start-up companies through the use of copyrights, patents and trade secrets and tell you why they are an integral part of any business plan.

D’Silva is a graduate of the State University of New York Law School practicing with MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton, LLP, of Erie.

He practices various aspects of intellectual property law, including science, engineering and technology, and business.

Cost is $24 per participant.

This class is co-sponsored by Clarion University Small Business Development Center.

To register, contact Continuing Education at (814)362-5078 or

For disability-related needs, contact the Office of Disability Resources at (814) 362-7609 or



Arts Awards - Port Allegany High School students who received arts awards at the annual Awards Assembly are pictured (front row, left to right) Renee Edgell, Ryan Michelitsch, Alesha Shatley, Anna McJunkin, Ken Kysor; (back) Julia Collver, Shane Whitney and Tyler Smith.  The Art Award was shared by Julia Collver and Anna McJunkin; McJunkin was also awarded the National School Choral Award; Kenneth Kysor received the Senior Band Award; The John Philip Sousa Band Award went to Tyler Smith who also received the Drama Service Club Award;  and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award went to Ryan Michelitsch.  Chorus Awards went to Renee Edgell and Shane Whitney; Edgell and Collver received the Drama Awards.  Pam Fischer Photo


Seniors Celebrated At St. Gabriels

Seniors Kyle Hunt, Max Morris, Seth Lowery and Cora Bova are pictured with Father Chuck Schmitt and Father James Campbell following the St. Gabriel 2011 Senior Banquet.  Lowery and Bova received Scholarships from the Knights of Columbus and Bova received the Catholic Women's Club Scholarship.  The four students are 2011 graduates of Port Allegany High School.  Pam Fischer Photo


Pitt-Bradford To Hold Seminar On Whitetail Deer

BRADFORD, Pa. -- The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford will hold a seminar for anyone interested in learning more about Pennsylvania’s whitetail deer.

The one-night seminar will be held from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Aug. 4 in Swarts Hall, Room 162 on the Pitt-Bradford Campus.

Over the last 125 years, the white-tailed deer has been pushed to the brink of extinction only to be brought back to now inhabit every county in Pennsylvania. The program is presented by Wildlife Conservation Land Management Officer John P. Dzemyan, who will talk about deer, deer management programs and how they came about.

Those attending will receive handouts and participate in hands-on educational activities about deer aging, antlers, food and the biological conditions that must be maintained to keep the whitetail deer population strong.

Youth 12 and older may register with an adult. Cost is $25 per participant.

To register, contact the Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development at (814)362-5078 or

For disability-related needs, contact the Office of Disability Resources at (814)362-7609 or


First Communion At St. Gabriels - The First Communion Class at St. Gabriel the Archangel Church is pictured with Father James Campbell.  They are Eli Petruzzi, DJ Michelitsch, Angela Smith and Olivia Postlewait.  Photo Submitted

AR Reader Awards - AR (Accelerated Reader)  Awards were presented at the Annual Awards Assembly.  The students are (pictured left to right) Ashley Anderson, grade 7; Chevy Smith, grade 8; Stephen Blankenship, grade 9; and Jacob Seelbinder, grade 11.  Paul Green, grade 10, is not pictured.  Pam Fischer Photo


Changing Of The Guard - Past-president Jason Stake is pictured with incoming President Dave Fair and President-Elect Christa Schott at the Changing of the Guard Picnic held at the home of Charlie and Lynn Cox.  Serving as Chef for the evening was Marty Moses.  There were 16 Rotarians present for a reportable attendance of sixty percent.  The next Rotary meeting will be held July 7 at noon at the Moose Family Center.  Club Assembly will be held.  More photos from this event will appear on this week's picture page.  Pam Fischer Photo


20-0 for PMLL - Potter-McKean Little League 11-year old all-stars defeated the Wellsboro team 20-0 in play-off action Tuesday evening in Port Allegany.  Ryan Graves and Garren Black were on the mound for the winners.  Alex Kosuhowski took the loss for Wellsboro.  Isaac Yoder had three hits, a double and two RBIs along with Graves' two hits and two RBIs, David Talkington's two hits, a double and four RBIs and Chase Whitman who had a double.  In this photo, Jake Tarr (Shinglehouse) slides into third base.  The PMLL will see action tonight (July 7) at Susquehanna.  Pam Fischer Photo


Port Defeats Smethport - The Port Allegany Community Swim Team defeated Smethport 261-260 at Tuesday evening's swim meet which was hosted by Port Allegany.  In this photo, McKenna Johnson is pictured during the butterfly competition.  The team is coached by Lauren Delacour and Brandon Homell.  Pam Fischer Photo


Gator Alumni Game Saturday - The Port Allegany Gator Alumni Football Team will take on the Coudersport Falcon Alumni Football Team Saturday afternoon at the SWAMP (Gator Field).  Introduction of players will take place at 1:30 p.m. and kick-off is scheduled for 2 p.m.  This event will also feature the Gator Alumni Band under the direction of Brad Stewart.  Members of the Gator team posed for the R-A camera prior to Tuesday's practice.  (Front row, left to right) Wade Barber, Tommy Nasto, Mark McNeil, Nate Zitnik,  Cliff Fillhart, Jessie Cimino, Adam Rohrer, Alan Lovell, BJ Greenman, Brandon Bliss; (row 2) Josh Saltsman, Casey Petteys, Jason Stake, Chad Saltsman, Jamie Moses, Todd Moses, Levi Perry, Derick Morey, Cole Petteys; (back row) Scott Taylor, Kerry Hawver, Pat Warnick, Chad Moses, Rob Page, Jamie Kisko, Shawn Bidwell and Coach Clair Hawver.  Pam Fischer Photo


Soccer Camp - Sixty-five campers spent the week on the soccer field behind the Alliance Church.  The camp, under the direction of Angela Hults, allows athletes age 3 and up to learn, improve and advance their soccer skills.  Pictured are some of the youngest campers letting their coaches know they are ready to play.  More photos from the Challenger British Soccer Camp will be featured on this week's picture page.  Pam Fischer Photo