Sheetz - Port Allegany's new Sheetz store appears to be almost ready for business.  The leasing company saw to the construction of all four corners of North Main Street at Arnold Avenue, although two of them had been part of the central commercial streetscape project two year ago.  The new, larger Sheetz includes an expanded convenience store, fast food line and dining space, along with gas station.  Martha Knight Photo/Story

Sign Donated - Karl and Ilene Altenhein (pictured right) are pictured presenting the Canoe Place Inn sign from the Kleen Family Century Farm in Mina, to Phil Smith, vice-president of the Canoe Place Historical Society.  The Historical Society will meet on November 3 at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Wing of the Free Methodist Church.  All are welcome.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story


Success For Scouts - Daisy Scout Chloe Cramer is all smiles because she's dressed in her Halloween costume, because she's painting a pumpkin and because she was one of the many scouts who went trick or treating for PACS (Port Allegany Community Services).  The girls and their leaders had fun while helping others in the community, and that's something to smile about!  Scouts from the Northern Star Service Unit including girls from Port Allegany, Turtlepoint, Eldred and Roulette, went Scouting for treats Sunday afternoon and came away with two pick-up trucks loaded with non-perishable food items for the local food pantry.  The Scouts would like to thank all who contributed and helped to make their Sunday Scouting event successful.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story

McKean County Courthouse.jpgCommissioners Approve Massive IT Upgrade  Smethport - Up to 15 years of making do and piecemeal replacements and expansions have left McKean County government technology in need of a major overhaul, according to a presentation to the McKean County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday morning.

After Jean Hendrickson, Information Technology (IT) Director, and Troy Glasgow, Network Systems Administrator, presented the findings of their and a consulting firm’s appraisal of technology needs, the commissioners voted unanimously to purchase the technology infrastructure upgrade they recommended, at a cost of $199,529.70.

Everything except the consulting services will be purchased through the state bid system, which is one approach to the competitive bidding requirement. The vendor being used by bid aggregator Costar is CDW-G, the government-oriented division of the company formerly known as Computer Discount Warehouse.

Many items of the hardware, software and connectivity now in use in various county departments are so old that support is no longer offered for them, and they cannot be upgraded. They are at “end of life,” Hendrickson and Glasgow said.

Also, older servers require more cooling and physical space than their current counterparts. Many of the self-contained computers in use by staff in the Court House and other county buildings are outdated and limited, Hendrickson and Glasgow noted.. Their function can be replaced and then some, by modern, slim “virtual” computers or terminals supported by a faster, more robust network.

Server capacity will be expanded but the servers used will be less bulky. Security and backup strategies will be improved as part of the upgrade. Data storage, protection and sharing will be improved.

Commissioner chairman Joe DeMott pointed out that when the current commissioners took office, they wanted to have technology needs reviewed over a period of time, so that a plan could be developed for bringing and keeping technology up-to-date. In-house IT staff had recommended and the commissioners had approved additional help from Synergy, a technology consulting company. Synergy will also see to the professional installation and configuration of all the equipment, according to Hendrickson. Synergy’s fee will be $34,960.

The new infrastructure design in the Synergy-designed plan calls for one large power backup unit to support all new equipment, and a single vertical rack for the new gear, consolidating and streamlining it, at a cost of $7,200.

Enhanced network design will result in multiple switching for redundancy, so that if a switch or loop fails, another can take over, resulting in “zero down-time,” the report explains. Switches, servers and storage area network (SAN) connectivity will cost $20,590.

Synergy’s design calls for three large capacity servers to handle the needs of the new “virtual environment.” The IT staffers said this also allows for future expansion. This equipment will cost. $41,526.90.

The study presented to the commissioners states that backup provisions now in use are not adequate for maintaining complete backups. The new backup arrangement will include a tape library that will hold two weeks worth of complete backups. Also, there will be off-site storage of one week’s data. There will be a separate, smaller server dedicated to the backup system and library of backup tapes. 

The SAN itself will cost $54,544.90. Virtualization  licensing is expected to cost $18,697.  Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Exchange software licenses, including the appropriate number of “seats,” will cost $16,971.88. Licensing of the software that will manage the backup process will cost $5,045.

DeMott suggested that the costs of the project can be allocated to various county departments and functions where IT services are used, for purposes of budgeting and claiming appropriate reimbursements.  Martha Knight Story

Donation - During Saint Gobain's Annual Inter-national EHS Day celebration, EHS Manager Dan Decker presented a donation to the Port Allegany Fire Department Chief, Kevin Ernst, and members Cody Green, Courtney Barnett, and Wayne Stambaugh.  The glass containers plant and the Star Hose Company have a long tradition of mutual support that benefits both parties and the community as a whole.  The Fire Department conducts an annual drill at the plant during which the members practice some of the emergency services that they provide.  According to Mr. Decker, "Our relationship with the Star Hose Company is the foundation of an invaluable service to our plant and our employees.  To have emergency services that are as well trained and prepared as ours, is an asset that many other glass plants really struggle to obtain.  By being very closely located and having a number of members that are actually employees of the plant, they are well positioned to handle any urgent situations that arise.  We owe a debt of gratitude toward these brave volunteers and look forward to many years of working together."  Pam Fischer Photo/Story

Finding Their Treasure - Bruce and Brenda Bosworth of Bozberry Farms, came in costume to "find their treasure" at the annual library dinner auction which benefits the operating expenses of the S. W. Smith Memorial Public Library and Bookmobile.  Bozberry Farms was just one of the many contributors that helped the committee  raise over $17,000. Committee member Lynn Farber reports, "We sold 195 tickets...the food was a hit. There were fabulous donations and a great and supportive crowd."  More photos from this event will appear on a future picture page.

POT OF GOLD FOR LDA - The 21st Annual S. W. Smith Memorial Public Library and Bookmobile Dinner Auction was held Saturday night at the Port Allegany Star Hose Fire Hall.  Dan Carter once again donated his time and talents as auctioneer for the event.  Top selling live-auction items were a tool box for $425 donated by Olson-Tenglund/NAPA and a rustic garden bench for $375 donated by Galen Kennel.  When all is said and done, the library will have over $17,000 to help with the operating costs for the next year.  


The dinner auction featured appetizers made by members of the Library Board with the meal catered by Ed Vicic and the Port Freeze.  Music for the evening was provided by KARIZMA (Kim Nelson).

Ashley Carlson, Lynn Farber, Sherry Flint, Cassie Foster, Leslie Kallenborn, Laura Nelson, Karen Sewell, Kari Stake and Bonna Tanaka are the committee members who put the event together.  Donating to the cause were ABC Motel, Captain Bart Adams/Esperanza Rose, Allegheny Enterprises, Inc., Allegheny Mountain Quilters, Greg and Jessie Anderson, Joel and Dotty Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Arnie Haskins Counseling Services, Autumn Ridge Kennels, George and Dawn Baxter, BCPAC, Beacon Light, Gregg Bee, Bill Lake REal Estate, John Borowski, Bruce and Brenda Bosworth, Barbara Bowman, Bozberry Farms, Jennifer Brackbill, Bradford Era, Bradford Theatre, Bradford YMCA, Greg and Dee Buchanan, Ellen Buchenauer, Bob and Cindy Bucheit, Dick Burdick, Burleson's True Value, Mary Burr, Kimberly Bus, CC Custom, Inc., CARE for Children, Caroline Carlson, Mark and Cathy Carlson, Nate and Ashley Carlson, Case Cutlery, Fran Caulkins, Janet Causer, Marty Causer, Charlie's Cycle Center, Chef Specialties, Cinco C's Alpacas, Citizens and Northern Bank, Close's Lumber Company, Concreteman, Inc., Corner Bar and Grill, Costa's Ace Hardware, Costa's Supermarket, Barb Culver, Sharon Culver, Cutco, Daily Bread, Cindy Daisley, Mahlon and Sylvia Davenport, Barb Delacour, Joe and Sue DeMott, Dipson Theatres, Scott Dow, Eagle Eye Photography, Enchanted Mountain Advertising, Judy Evens, Everyday Happy-nings, Dave and Anna Fair, Mike and Lynn Farber, First National Bank of Port Allegany, Pam Fischer, Sherry Flint, Linda Foster, Foster Studio, Friends of the Library, G. L. Carlson's Store, Robert Gerlach, II, Rhonda Green, Ruth Grimes, Charles and Evelyn Guncheon, Howie Gustafson, Hamlin Bank and Trust Co., Betty and Gary Hardes, Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Home, Hauber's Jewelry Store, Jackie Hazen, Marg Healy, Sandy Hovey, Rod, Judy and Odie Howard, Nate Howard and Cassie Foster, J&B Furniture, J & J Tire and Auto, JD's Smoking Grill and Bar, Lori Johns, Clark and Judy Johnson, Clyde Johnson, Johnston Tools, Jubilee Foods, Dick and Peggy Kallenborn, Karen's Styling Salon, Bettie Kelley, Galen Kennel, Barb Kio, Cris Kio, Norma Klein, Cindy Knapp, Terry Kriner, JoLee Kwallek, Marlene and Mary Beth Lange, Mary Lashway, Laurie Lathrop, Potter Leader Enterprise, Lent's Garage, Jim Line, Leigh Linnan, Library Staff, John and Jean Mallery, Naoma McDowell, Mill Street PA, LLC - Angelheart Investments, Money Saver, Mountain Meadows/Joyce Lewis, Ester Myer, Myra's Restaurant, Nancy Simar Beauty Salon, Josh and Laura Nelson, Kim Nelson, Joyce Niece, Kay O'Connor, Olson Tenglund/NAPA Gregg Bee, Jeanette O'Rourke, Paper Factory, Pennsylvania Wilds, Jim and Marjorie Petzold, Patricia Phalon, Pine Creek Inn, Pine Valley Landscaping, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation, PNC Bank/Bryan Smith, Port Allegany Ambulance Association, Port Allegany Garden Club, Port Allegany Moose Lodge, Port Allegany Women's Club, Port Beverage, Port Freeze/Ed Vicic, Port Pharmacy, Pam Postlewait, Earleen Postlewait, Potter County Outfitters, Joshua Przybyla, Jayson and Carrie Przybyla, Alexis Reed/Beauty Control, Erica Rendos, Reporter Argus, Brianne Riblet, Robert Joseph's Hair Design, Kathy Roche, Michael Roche, Jessica Rohrer, Bill and Ursula Rosenswie, Dan and Christa Schott, Seal's Pro Home Center, Jennie Selfridge, Jason and Kerri Sewell Larry Seybert, Jim and Janna Shaffer, Dann and Nancy Shalkowski, Shea's of Buffalo, Sheetz, Deb Shepard, Simple Shades/Lori Crawford, Smethport Auto Car Wash, Smethport Specialties, Jason and Kari Stake, Ted and Sandy Stake, Bob Stauffer, Brian Stavisky, Bill Stickles, Karen Strait, Joan Stromberg, Judy Taylor, The Great Punkin' Patch, Time-Warner, Inc., Tioga Publishing, Tracy's Salon, Tracy's Photo Memories/Tracy Smith, Holly Kauffman Triplett, Twin Tier Linens, John and Mary VanMarter, Dave Whipkey, Forest and Gert Whipkey, Matt Whipkey, Matt Wilson, Terri Woodruff and Zippo Manufacturing Co.

Special thanks were offered to Dan Carter, Auctioneer; Pam Fischer, Reporter Argus, Bradford Era, WHKS Radio, Ed Vicic and Port Freeze, Karizma and Kim Nelson, Melynda Budd, Marti Bova, Mindy Milford, Naoma McDowell, Marilyn Anderson, Debbie Fargo, Larry Shroyer, Connie Benson, Mary Rosenswie and National Honor Society students Renee Edgell, Colleen Hardes, Tyler Smith, Breanna Foster, Alesha Shatley and Caryne Healy.

A bit about the library...the Library Board is comprised of Lynn Farber, President; Bonna Tanaka, Vice-President; Dorothy Anderson, Secretary; Kathy Roche, Treasurer; Debbie Bird, Ashley Carlson, Robert Hartle, Kate Kysor, Marlene Lang, Matthew Lawton, Christa Schott, Nancy Shalkowski, Kari Stake, Joyce Stehle and Adjunct: Marg Healy.

The staff includes Librarian Janna Shaffer; Children's Librarian Karen Strait; Bookmobile, Gert Whipkey, Aides Sandra Hovey and Connie Benson and Custodian Ellen Buchenauer.  Hours for the library, located at 22 Church Street, are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 


There are five area spots where the Bookmobile can be found.  They are Todd's Car Lot in Eldred; Evangelical Church in Rixford; Carlson's Store in Turtlepoint; Old School Parking Lot in Duke Center and the Otto-Eldred Elementary School in Otto-Eldred. 

Did you know that you can help raise money for the library just by searching Amazon through the library's website? The library gets a percentage of the profits. 

Did you know that the library recently completed a successful summer-long reading program and Story Hour session?

For more information, call the library at 642-9210 or visit their website,

Stormwater Plan Revised Again For DEP Nod - Smethport - Two revisions requested by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) were approved by the McKean County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday morning, thus clearing the last hurdle to DEP approval.

Commissioner chairman Joe DeMott mentioned that the plan as submitted three months ago had contained some changes from the consultants’ version based on discussions with officials of the county’s municipalities. “They (DEP) did not approve that plan as written. There are two main changes DEP wanted.”

Where the county’s version had stated that the size of the area for  which stormwater management provision must be made would be placed at 10,000 square feet, up from the 5,000 in the model document, DEP has said the trigger area must be set at 5,000 square feet.

However, the requirement that certain forms must be filed for any area over 2,500 square feet, as stated in the model plan, could be eliminated if the action area is dropped to 5,000 square feet.

Commissioner Pingie said the commissioners had met with municipality officials Monday night in the 911 Center to discuss the DEP requests, and “explained our efforts to go to the 10,000 square feet.”

DeMott said there had been general agreement that the requested revisions be made. It was understood that “should this be passed it (the plan) would be approved (by DEP) and we would have a plan in place.”

Counties were required to develop stormwater management plans under a state measure called Act 167. Once a county’s plan has been accepted by DEP, the county’s municipalities are asked to adopt the plan.

Chief assessor Angela Tennies and Kurt Barclay of the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Corporation presented recommendations concerning sharing of the county’s Geographical Information System (GIS) data.

McKean County Courthouse.jpgThe sharing conditions and policies have been in place for several years, and experience and some changes in demand and uses indicate that the policies should be updated.

“The county has made a substantial investment (in developing the data) and brought it to be more current,” Barclay pointed out. There is increasing demand for GIS data, sometimes for specific “tiles” and groups of tiles, due to oil and gas activities and various studies.

The commissioners indicated that they would want to continue to share the data without fees to municipalities and educational institutions, while charging commercial firms for the data they request.

When companies are performing services for municipalities, the municipalities should make the requests for GIS data, Tennies said.

It was agreed that a proposed application form and policy be brought to the commissioners for approval. Meanwhile, the commissioners voted to provide the data requested for use in Wetmore Township by the township code enforcement officer, and also the data requested by Alexander Metcalf of the Penn State School of Forest Resources, waiving the fees.

The commissioners voted to approve a new contract with Vineyard Oil and Gas Company under which it will continue to supply natural gas for the Court House and the McKean County Jail. DeMott said rates for the fuel are significantly lower than those charged by “the gas company.” Vineyard purchases natural gas from area wells and handles pipeline transport.

Excel, Inc. of Eldred will provide project management services for the construction of the new Domestic Relations Building, under a contract covering the period from October 4, 2010 through June 3, 2011.

Pingie said, “I am very impressed with the work we have been getting out of them.”

Another resolution authorized the county to enter into a subcontract agreement with the YWCA under which it will administer the emergency shelter grant and provide services for the period from August 5, 2010 through August 4, 2012.

Commissioners approved the sale of four properties from the county repository: a vacant lot at 11 Leigh Street, Bradford, to Wade and June Robertson, for $300; a vacant lot at 115 West Corydon Street, Bradford, Dennis Vandusen, $475; a mobile home at 729 Barnum Road, Eldred, and another at 2354 Prentisvale Road, Eldred, both to Jeffrey Galloway, for $610 and $251 respectively.

Among invoices approved for payment was one from the Area Transportation authority (ATA) for $418,750 representing the second quarter advance payment for fiscal year 2010-11 for the medical assistance transportation program they administer for the county under a Public Welfare grant.

ATA also will get a payment of $13,172.25 as a portion of their budget allotment for October 1 through December 31.

$10,890 will be disbursed to Bradford Township, and $1,191 to Lewis Run Borough, in payment for their completed Liquid Fuel Fund projects for 2010.

Northwest Engineering will receive $2,057.61 for professional services in connection with the Galico Bridge replacement project, with the funds coming from the eponymous project fund.

Hamlin Township’s application for $3,263, for a future project, was given the commissioners’ approval.

Twenty-three more machine inspectors were appointed to serve in the upcoming general election.

The commissioners voted authorization to proceed with securing a tax revenue anticipation note in an amount not to exceed $3.5 million, to ease the cash flow pinch that occurs in January and February before real estate taxes are in hand, and to be paid in the same fiscal year. 

Also approved were five contracts with service providers used by the county Department of Human Services. Commissioners’ solicitor Dan Hartle said he had reviewed the contracts and found them to be in order; however, he would appreciate it if such contracts were sent in earlier, in the future, allowing more time for review. The DHS memo listing the contracts was dated October 20.  Martha Knight Story

Fall Bazaar - A Fall Bazaar will be held November 6 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Port Allegany United Methodist Church located at 307 North Main Street.  The bazaar will feature several vendors, a bucket auction, baked food sale, and soup luncheon.  The Bazaar is being sponsored by the UMC Sunday school.

Robbins Honored - Bob Robbins was honored during the morning worship service and at a reception that followed for his many years as Choir Director at the Port Allegany United Methodist Church.  Making presentations to Robbins was Susan Roboski (pictured) and Jim Petzold.  Robbins has retired as the choir director, but remains as a member of the choir.  Taking over the director's spot for Robbins is Barb Headley.  New members are always welcome!


SS and Community Support UNICEF - Students from the Port Allegany United Methodist Church Sunday School collected over $200  as they went "Trick or Treating" for UNICEF.  Participating in the effort were (pictured left to right) Justin Young, Julia Young, Jena Young, Henry Kisler, Owen Kisler and Ian Dynda.  Participating, but not pictured were Jocelyn Dekcer and Kierra Keck.  Organizing the event was Sunday School teacher, Heather Dynda.  Assisting her were Patty Fabish, Laurie Schultz, Mary Grace Kisler, Laura Decker and Pam Fischer.

Boy Scout Troop 560 Receives Grant
Troop 560 has received a Grant From the George A. and Margaret Mee Charitable Foundation.
The Troop had applied for the Grant, hoping to buy a trailer to use for camping trips.  They were surprised and very pleased to learn that they had been awarded the Grant.

Pictured, left to right:  Dave Bressan, Troop Committee Chairman; Kirk McDowell, Recycling Coordinator; John Mallery, Director, Mee Charitable Foundation; Les Richner, Asst. Scoutmaster; Larry Bigley, Scoutmaster; Bill Johns, Asst. Scoutmaster; Byron Sutton, Asst. Scoutmaster.

Engagement Announced - EASTMAN - IAPALUCCI - Mr. and Mrs. Lance Eastman of Allegany, NY are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Alana Eastman, to Tony Iapalucci, son of Michael and Pamela Iapalucci of Carrollton, TX. 

Ms. Eastman and Mr. Iapalucci met at and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.  


Ms. Eastman earned her Masters’ degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently employed as a high school English teacher in the Southern Tioga School District in Liberty, PA.  


Mr. Iapalucci earned his Masters’ degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is employed as a school psychologist in the Warrior Run School District in Turbotville, PA.  An October 8, 2011 wedding is planned.


Miss Eastman is the granddaughter of Lloyd and Dolores Eastman of Port Allegany.  Pam Fischer Photo


Gators Lose In Overtime - Gator Fans who traveled to Emporium Friday night and braved the cold for the Gator/Red Raider football game may have been disappointed in the Gator's overtime loss to the Red Raiders, yet they were treated to one of the best games of the season.  In the photo, Matt Bodamer is handing off to Seth Lowery.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story


Powder Puff Football - The Senior Girls were victorious when then took on the Junior Girls in Powder Puff action held Saturday at Gator Field.  Coaching the seniors was Dave Morey.  The Juniors were coached by Barb Delacour. Also participating were referees Nate Zitnik and Bob Haskins.  Announcer for the event was Nicole Line and score keeper was Dave Roae. The fundraiser was sponsored by the Port Allegany Year Book Staff led by Kim Bowser and Lisa Bizarro.  Pictured taking the ball down the field is Bryanna Evens.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story


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