Port Student Places In Math Competition At U.P.B.


Students from Bradford Area and Port Allegany High Schools took top honors at the 9th Annual College Mathematics Competition held Thursday at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

The competition is organized each year by the mathematics departments of Pitt-Bradford and the Jamestown (N.Y.) Community College Cattaraugus Campus.

Forty-nine students coming from five different high schools competed by taking a two-hour math examination. According to their size, the schools were divided into two different divisions.

Patrick Hoover of Youngsville High School was the overall individual winner, earning a $1,500 scholarship to Pitt-Bradford. Hoover was also the first-place winner in the small-school division.

Elliot Binder of Port Allegany came in second in the small-school division.

Dan Tingley of BAHS took first place in the large-school division and also earned a $1,500 scholarship to Pitt-Bradford. Coming in second in the large-school division was Andrew Kloss of BAHS.

Scholastic winners for the large-school division were BAHS, first, and Warren Area High School, second.

In the small-school division, Port Allegany finished first, while Youngsville took second.


Kathy Jeselnick To Retire                By Martha Knight

Port Allegany high school guidance counselor Kathy Jeselnick will retire as of February 11, 2011, following the school board’s acceptance of her resignation Monday night. Jeselnick has served for 34 years.

In other personnel matters the board appointed vocal music director and music department head Ken Myers dramatics director for the spring musical, and Michael Ingalls Varsity Club advisor. Both will receive supplemental salaries of $810.

Appointed to the substitute teacher list were Meghan Scott of Smethport, for English and communications; Christian Sevinsky of Coudersport and Andrew Kinney of Port Allegany, IU9 guest teachers; Michael Bizzaro of Ohio, with a music certification, and Rachel Sprouse of Coudersport, for health and physical education.

Continued as volunteer wrestling coaches were B.J. Greenman, Aaron Vollmer and Mark Goodreau.

David Wolfe will be permitted to complete a 300-hour administrative internship with Matt Schwenk, for his special education supervisor program, in cooperation with Edinboro University.

Superintendent Tony Flint told the board that the annual audit report, typically presented in October or November, will be given at the December meeting, which is also the annual reorganization meeting. It is late this year because of extra work required in connection with the federal stimulus (ARRAS) program, and the need to report on uses of those grant funds.

A cafeteria report was presented, showing some deficits. Cafeteria fiscal manager Judy Bodamer, who is also the district’s business manager, pointed out that this is typical for this point in the budget year, when purchases by the food service outstrip revenues. Revenues will catch up in the next few months, she said. Flint commented that cafeteria participation has remained consistent, in spite of some decrease in school enrollment.

The board approved a change order in the amount of $5,040.81 payable to contractor J.C. Orr & Son, Inc., relating to the recent major upgrade of the elementary school. The expense is for provision of a bulkhead in one room and modifications to the automatic door system for wheelchair accessible restrooms.

A jesting comment by board member Gary A. Hardes that the architect should bear part of the cost drew explanations of why the deviation from the architectural plans and specifications was needed. Flint said that the inspector would not approve the finished project without the modifications.

David Morey and Douglas Major were approved as van and bus drivers, as requested by transportation contractor Culver Bus Garage.

A proposed new safety policy was presented to board members for a first reading. It will be acted on at the December meeting. Flint explained that the Safety Committee, appointed some months ago, meets monthly and has been studying the need for updating the district’s safety policy, to bring it into line with current laws and recommendations.

School directors approved a set of transfers among budget categories in the 2009-2010 fiscal year budget, in effect amending the budget to conform to actual spending by the district. The budget total was not changed.

The board approved for payment general fund bills totaling $941,338.13, bond issue and construction fund payments totaling $44,162.68, and payrolls of $231,024.06 and $243,766.60.

Flint reported that the grantsperson the district recently engaged has submitted one grant application, and several others are in process.

All the board members except Daniel F. Kysor came to the meeting about 15 minutes early to be in the group photograph that is to appear in the “Tiger Lily” yearbook. They stayed after the close of the regular meeting for an executive session, which board president Melynda Budd said concerned a real estate matter.


Commissioners Contract With DECD For Block Grant   By Martha Knight

SMETHPORT—At their Tuesday morning meeting, McKean County  Commissioners authorized a county contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the county and Kane Borough. The amount of the contract is $377,994, as allocated at the commissioners’ meeting on May 11.

Specific programs to be funded through Kane’s CDBG are spot demolition (slums and blight) for $25,000, Evergreen Park electric and lighting for $15,000, and creative playground replacement at the same park for $46,411.

It was noted in May that it had been determined that the projects met criteria concerning low- and middle-income income (LMI) households, which comprise 56.14 percent of the target population.

Kane’s three-year plan for the CDBG projects was approved in May, when a similar plan for the county as a whole also was adopted.

Two changes in agreements with architects R.W. Larson and Associates were approved, covering additional work on the new Domestic Relations facility being constructed on county land near the jail. One authorizes services costing $17,250, and the other is for services  in the amount of $2,300.

Commissioner chairman Joe DeMott said that previous agreements have pertained to the “shell” of the structure, but design is needed for the interior as well. Also, the architects will produce specifications for bidding for some furnishings and equipment for the new facility.

In another matter relating to the Domestic Relations Office (DRO) facility, the commissioners picked C.J. Wallace’s proposal for concrete and  soil compaction testing, to cost $30,000. The Eldred firm’s offer covers any retesting that may be required, commissioner Al Pingie said in moving to accept its offer. E & M Engineering had offered to do initial testing for $25,000, but would charge additional fees for retesting.

The commissioners approved a copier maintenance agreement with Karpinski Office Systems of Coudersport, for a McKean County Conservation District machine, for $290 a year. Chief clerk Audrey Irons said the agreement covers all consumables except paper.

Chase Miles was reappointed to the McKean County Conservation District Board for a four-year term. Pingie was reappointed for a one-year term on the board as the commissioners’ representative.

Reappointed to the Headwaters Resource Conservations and Development Council were Debbie Lunden as representative of the Planning Department, and James Clark as the commissioners’ representative.

The Office of Human Services was paid $6,250, representing a portion of their budget allotment for the current fiscal year.

Payment of $3,667 to the Bradford YWCA was approved, for November homeless assistance services. Irons said the funds come from a Public Welfare grant, and have been received by the county.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc. (ADAS) will be paid $9,808, a portion of their annual allotment covering the period that ended September 30.

A county aid application from Eldred Township for $6,854, for purchase of E-2M oil, was approved. Also okayed was one from Sergeant Township, for $1,150, for snow removal and anti-skid materials and labor. Funds will come from liquid fuels tax revenues.

The commissioners changed the date of their second regular meeting of the month from November 23 to November 30.

Pingie commented on the amount and quantity of work that has been done in the Court House and at other county buildings, updating and improving the facilities. He said there would be an open house later, so the public could see what has been accomplished.

Pingie pointed out that one improvement that can be appreciated from inside the commissioners’ meeting room is the new windows, which are draft free and energy efficient.

New lighting is more attractive as well as being energy efficient, the commissioners said. A number of the upgrades improving heating and lighting will save energy costs for years to come, they noted.

Also, the new ceilings and the fresh finishes are attractive, pleasing the officials and staff in the buildings and members of the public as well, commissioners noted. “Work here has been done in keeping with the period of the Court House,” Pingie said.


County Commissioners Approve New Airport Agreement    By Martha Knight

SMETHPORT—The basic operating agreement governing Bradford Regional Airport has been rewritten, and the new version is making the rounds of the counties and city involved, McKean County Commissioners said at their regular meeting Tuesday morning.

They adopted the new agreement, which also needs to be ratified by Warren, Elk and Cameron counties, the City of Bradford and the airport authority itself.

The new agreement calls for such sweeping changes that it is a successor to the previous agreement, rather than an amended version.

Commissioner chairman Joe DeMott, who also chairs the airport authority, outlined the significance of the new agreement. Tracing the history of the multi-county or regional airport operation back to 1967, he pointed out that Bradford City had owned the airport, but donated it to the Bradford Regional Airport Authority.

Conditions of that donation were that there would be no restriction on the number of commercial airlines using or serving the airport; there would be continuous commercial service at the airport; and “Bradford” would always be the first word in the airport’s name. Otherwise ownership could revert back to Bradford.

For some time all of the participating counties helped fund the airport, contributing support annually. Warren County ceased doing so years ago, Elk stopped after 2007, and Cameron ceased its support in 2009.

The existing agreement calls for McKean County to have four members on the airport authority, while Warren and Elk have two each and Cameron has one. Each county’s commissioners appoint the members from that county.

The new agreement would shift the power of appointment to McKean County, with its commissioners consulting with the other counties concerning their representatives. Each county would have one representative and the other six would be drawn from “within and without” McKean County. However, current authority members will continue to serve until their terms expire.

Matters that have not been clear under the existing agreement have been “identification of ownership, and liability, between the counties,” DeMott said. Such issues have become more important in recent years. “If the airport were ever sold, how much would everyone receive from the proceeds?”

The value of the property would reflect the fact that there are “32 oil and gas wells on the property that may be viewed as a revenue source regardless of air traffic,” DeMott added.

The new agreement calls for McKean County to be reimbursed for past contributions, in the event of any future sale of the airport, and from the remainder the counties and city shall be reimbursed pro rata, Cameron 1.83 percent, Elk 9.49 percent, Warren 4.14 percent, and McKean 74.61 percent, and Bradford City 9.93 percent.

The agreement also forgives the other three counties for their unpaid contributions that would have been owing under the existing agreement.


Ready For Their Close-up  - Eight of the Port Allegany School Directors showed up for their year book group picture Monday night, before the board meeting. Seated, from left, are board president Melynda Budd, Ed Babcock and Dee Buchanan. Standing, from left, are Gary A. Hardes, Ron Caskey, Dave Mensch, Riki Tanaka and Rod Howard. Not present for the photo, but present for the meeting, was board vice-president Daniel F. Kysor.  Martha Knight Photo/Story


Liberty Township Votes 2-1 To Cut Boorum’s Post    By Martha Knight

LIBERTY VILLA—In a long and sometimes contentious monthly meeting Tuesday night, Liberty Township supervisors split two-to-one to cut the highest paid position on the three-man road crew, effective January 1.

That would be the position of Jim Boorum, who is also the current Roadmaster. 

Supervisor chairman Gary Turner and vice-chairman Charles Safford voted in favor of the cost-cutting measure, while the third supervisor, Fred Ernst III, did not support the motion.

Boorum attended the meeting, and spoke up at more than one point. He indicated that he would fight the firing.

“You just know I am getting close to retirement,” he told the supervisors, adding that losing earnings will affect his pension.

Turner was not chairing the meeting, and had announced that he did not feel well enough to do so. He has battled heart disease in the past year or so. Safford was presiding in his stead.

Clearly angry, Boorum suggested that Turner leave the meeting so Boorum could speak frankly without creating stress for Turner. Turner declined 

Turning to discussion of the 2011 budget, Safford revealed that the supervisors are prepared to raise millage, for the first time in many years. One increase under consideration is from the present 1.81 mills to about 3.62, although Turner says the increase might be less. Ernst stated that he thinks  it is unnecessary to cut staff and raise taxes, but doing one or the other would be more reasonable.

Township residents also pay a $5 per capita tax, which would be unchanged.

The supervisors had begun their work on a 2011 budget at a budget work meeting last week. They must adopt a proposed budget this month, and public examination of the fiscal plan will be invited, with final adoption of a budget coming before December 31.

Reasons given for cost savings or tax increases were that revenue is needed for making road repairs that a number of township residents are clamoring for, along stretches of roads where drainage, potholes and bridge problems make for bumpy rides and can damage vehicles.

Budgetary pressures include about $100,000 per year in health insurance costs, covering the four employees (including the township secretary).

Fire protection, provided by the Port Allegany Fire Department, has cost the township a contracted $17,000 per year, but early information is that the fire department and borough will ask for much more in 2011, possibly over $60,000.

The agenda listed an expected presentation by Mark Errick and Kevin Ernst of the fire department, but the two did not attend the meeting.

The township may have to raise sewer rates to township residents in the sewer district. Township sewer customers are on lines that carry sewage to the Port Allegany sewage treatment plant, under an agreement with the borough. Borough rates have been raised, and it has been recommended that the township raise its rates.

The township pays about $55 a month for Casella Waste Services to empty the repository for recyclables at the township government complex.

During public comment and at a few other points in the meeting, some of about a dozen members of the public present expressed their views.

Several had concerns about roads. “Will you get our sluice fixed before winter?” “Our road (Freer Road) is just terrible.” “That road is an awful, awful mess.” “You can’t get up or down our road.” “The ditches aren’t dug; the water runs across the road in many places.” These were among comments and complaints.

One resident said that his car had sustained about $1,000 worth of damage just days ago when it had “bottomed” crossing a bridge on Portage Road. He mentioned oil pan and fuel pump damage, and asked that the township cover the cost—a request Safford said would require further discussion.

One member of the public advised that the supervisors approach road maintenance this way: “Pick a road and do the ditches, finish paving.”

Turner said, “That’s what I have said. Go finish the road. The three men shouldn’t have to listen to the complaints.”

A resident wondered aloud, “If you can’t keep up (with road work) now, how are you going to get it done with one less man?”

Supervisors discussed news from Roger Bickleman, township sewer and sanitation officer, concerning an ongoing dispute with a Two Mile resident. If the allegation is true that the property owner has refused to comply with a contract he made with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and allow two inspections a year of his on-lot sewage system, supervisors are of a mind to enforce applicable measures. Otherwise, Turner said, “We would have to take liability for it, which is not fair to the other taxpayers.”

Fritz Nelson discussed a subdivision with the supervisors, and said Bickleman has inspected the site and it will be approved as to sanitation potential.

Supervisors discussed a request from Eric and Lisa Johnston, in connection with land they own on Brooklynside Road, and their plans to create a mobile home court there. The need for ten EDUs, or sewer hookup permits, is more than the township can provide, supervisors said, since the township and Port Allegany Borough share 15 EDUs a year. They believe the EDUs will have to be sought directly from DEP.

As the meeting drew to a close, one member of the public admonished the supervisors, “You have to quit fighting! You have to work together for the good of the township.”

Turner shot back that he has been working for the good of the township.


Bryanna's Besties - Bryanna Evens is (front row, third from left) is pictured with some of her friends who participated, for the third year, in the Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1) "Walk for A Cure".  Pictured (front row, left to right) are  Kyley Mickle, Cora Bova, Ashley Bandish, Renee Edgell, Kellie Hinchey; (back) Colleen Hardes, Kiersten Kio, Hunter Conway and Dane Kio.

Walk For A Cure - For three years, Bryanna Evens has created, managed and been part of a Juvenile Diabetes Walk.  She set and achieved goals and has been part of a much bigger picture - fighting for a cure.  Bryanna has a vested interest in this cause because on December 21, 2005, her life changed when her pancreas  stopped producing insulin due to reasons still unexplained by doctors.  Since that time, she has been dependent on injections or her insulin pump to survive.  

This is her third year of participation in the life-changing walk that raises money to fight for and hopefully someday see a cure,  it is her second year serving as team captain.  The position takes dedication, drive, and wanting to push beyond that bar that is set for you.  What is required of a team captain? The list is long, 15 items beginning with (#1) Registration of team and establish Team Fund Raising Goal; (#2) Recruit individuals to walk on the team; (#3) Assist them in registering online and establishing an individual goal that suits them; (#4) Giving them ideas in how to get donations, printing and sorting of materials to give team members along with "hooking them up" with sponsor sheets; (#5) e-mailing team members weekly, telling them of progress made and offering them encouragement and assistance, if needed; (#6) Linking Bryanna's JDRF account to her Facebook and MySpace pages to show progress as donations arrive; (#7) creating a "You Tube" video of Bryanna and her life with Diabetes to use as a marketing took and history lesson in Juvenile Diabetes; (#8) posting "You Tube" video of (Bryanna and her Besties) on Facebook and MySpace and e-mailing it to friends and family members asking for support in joining her team and/or donations; (#9) coordinating with her high school to display the video on the school website and being interviewed for the local high school news, "Gator News"; (#10) working at a sign-up table to give high school students the opportunity to join Bryanna's team or donate; (#11) developed a team shirt to be made by local area businesses; (#12) getting orders and collecting money to get the shirts made; (#13) coordinate transportation to the walk held in Johnsonburg; (#14) walk! walk! walk!; (#15) send out personalized thank you notes to all that donated to support Bryanna in her  Walk for Diabetes and informing everyone of total donations collected.  This year, Bryanna's Besties raised $2,165.

From October 8 - 10 of this year,  Bryanna represented PAHS and the Port Allegany Community at the 62nd Annual Flaming Foliage Festival held in Renovo.  Her escort was Ryan Michelitsch.  After the registration of the Queens on Friday, Ryan and Bryanna met their host parents.  There was a meeting of Queen Contestants and escorts followed by the Queens' Informal Social where they got acquainted with the other contestants from the surrounding area.  On Saturday, Ryan and Bryanna started their day with the Queen's Interview and luncheon.  The pair participated in the two-hour parade and ended the day by attending the Queens' Banquet and Prom.  Sunday's activities included the Queens' Farewell Luncheon followed by the Coronation Ceremony.

At the Coronation Ceremony, Bryanna was awarded the "Judges' Choice Memorial Award for Community Service".  The Flaming Foliage Festival Committee chooses one candidate each year that exemplifies "giving of one's self for the ability to help others".  She received this honor for her work to bring a team together, raise money and walk for a cure.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story


UMC Women Holiday Project - Three members of the United Methodist Women are pictured working on the Christmas Stocking Project.  The group provides Christmas stockings for residents of the Warren State Hospital.  Found working at Thursday afternoon's meeting were Susan Roboski, Marie Hobbs and Wilda Johnson.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story


Pumpkin Fest - Fourth Level students and teachers at Port Allegany Elementary School sponsored their annual Pumpkin Fest on October 28 at the school.  Students bring their favorite pumpkin treats from home and share the feast with their families.  The students also performed seasonal poetry and sang "RESPECT" under the direction of Annamaria Myers.  Pictured choosing their treats are Annette Dean, Janie Cousins and Betty Hooftallen.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story



Historical Society Officers - The Canoe Place Historical Society of Port Allegany elected officers Wednesday night. Seated, from left, are first vice-president Phil Smith and president Mick Caulkins (fresh from a concrete job). Standing, from left are second vice-president Dorothy Strait, genealogist Ilene Altenhein and treasurer Lori John. Others elected were co-curators Clyde Johnson and Lanny Nunn, and secretary Martha Knight. Marie Vatter will be membership chairman. A current need is for safe storage for its collection, while the group continues to search for a site for a future museum.  Martha Knight Photo/Story


Good Eats - John and Marian Borowski prepare to dig in to their meal at the Baptist Church Harvest Supper Saturday night.  Martha Knight Photo/Story


Gator Golfers Honored - Senior Golfers were honored at a banquet held November 4 in the Fellowship Hall of the Port Allegany United Methodist Church.  The seniors include (front, left to right) Amber Fischer, Alesha Shatley, Cora Bova; (back) Franklin Austin, Marcus Borowsky, Kyle Hildebrandt and Todd Bigley.  Speaking at the banquet were coaches Dave Roae and Bob Raudenbush.  The Lady Gator seniors received engraved Glass Block Banks and the Gator Guys were presented with plaques by Coach Raudenbush assisted by Coach Chris Ernst.  More photos from the Gator Golf Banquet will appear on an R-A picture page.   Pam Fischer Photo/Story

Lady Gator Soccer - Lady Gator Soccer Seniors were guests of honor at the annual Soccer Banquet held October 30 at St. Gabriel's Parish Hall.  Pictured, (seated, front) Carli Johnston, Bryanna Evens, Colleen Hardes; (back row) Coach Tony Edgell, Nicole Lovell, Julia Culver and Fer Spallanzani and Coach Travis Cowburn. The banquet, sponsored by the Soccer Boosters, will be featured on an upcoming picture page.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story

Soccer Seniors  - Senior members of the Gator Soccer team were guests of honor at the 2010 Soccer Banquet held October 39 at St. Gabriel's Parish Hall.  Pictured (front row, left to right) are Coach Matt Lawton, Cole Caulkins, Ben Osani, Max Morris, Franklin Austin; (back row) Dave Hurd, Tyler Smith, Ken Kysor, Ryan Michelitsch, Sam Shaffer and Coach Aaron Clark.  The banquet was sponsored by the Soccer Boosters.  More photos from this event will appear on an upcoming picture page.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story

Lady Gator Award Winners -  Awards were presented to three Lady Gator soccer players during the 2010 Soccer Banquet. Bryanna Evens received the Most Valuable Player on Offense; Jordan Edgell was the Most Valuable Player on Defense and Kelsey Payne was the Most Improved Player.  Awards were presented by Head Coach Travis Cowburn and Assistant Coach Tony Edgell.  Pam Fischer Photo/Story

Soccer All-Stars - Three Port Allegany High School athletes were selected to the UAVSL (Upper Allegheny Valley Soccer League) All-Star Team.  They were Bryanna Evens, Ben Osani and Jordan Edgell.  Evens and Osani are both members of the senior class.  Edgell is a junior.   Pam Fischer Photo/Story