xoxbrennxox is available (4:18:14 PM)
xoxbrennxox (4:17:43 PM): hey
dakotaowner04 (4:18:36 PM): hey beautiful!
xoxbrennxox (4:18:42 PM): how was the shower
dakotaowner04 (4:18:58 PM): haven't gotten one yet, he's in there now.  ugh
xoxbrennxox (4:19:07 PM): haha
xoxbrennxox (4:19:11 PM): you gotta be quicker i guess
dakotaowner04 (4:19:30 PM): I'm not speeding to get home faster......and I was waiting for you!
xoxbrennxox (4:20:09 PM): oh....
xoxbrennxox (4:20:15 PM): sorry maddie wont let me out of her sight
dakotaowner04 (4:20:40 PM): still waiting.  :-)  You weren't last night, and she still wasn't happy.
xoxbrennxox (4:21:07 PM): yeah i know
dakotaowner04 (4:22:16 PM): It's ok babe!  xoxo  So, anything else going on with the rents?  If you want to do something different, let me know.  I'm NOT giving up on you!  :-)
xoxbrennxox (4:23:18 PM): idk...maybe we should just take it slow... you know...
dakotaowner04 (4:24:01 PM): as far as they know, we're only hanging out....which is basically what it is anyway
dakotaowner04 (4:25:21 PM): I dunno how we can do less.  Except see each other less.  :-(
dakotaowner04 (4:26:39 PM): If that's what makes them happy, then I guess that's what has to happen
xoxbrennxox (4:28:31 PM): i just dont want to make waves...and i do want to spend time w/ you. please dont be sad
dakotaowner04 (4:29:33 PM): I am and have been for over a day now.  I'd just like to know exactly what is making them tick.
dakotaowner04 (4:31:04 PM): the hanging out in general, me, my age....
xoxbrennxox (4:32:56 PM): they dont know you thats the only reason and they are afraid that adam will find out n get maddie but i know thats not ggunna happen
dakotaowner04 (4:34:30 PM): I think you can easily dig up too much shit on him to keep that from happening.  Not to mention, they seldom side with the father, and if he gets deployed...then what?  There's too much against him.
dakotaowner04 (4:35:37 PM): I just don't want to hurt you or her.  So, what ever it takes...!  xoxo
xoxbrennxox (4:36:07 PM): kk
xoxbrennxox (4:36:23 PM): how was work today
dakotaowner04 (4:36:57 PM): it sucked, but at least it wasn't monday again.
dakotaowner04 (4:37:29 PM): although I DID get to see you....so I wish I could relive yesterday.....at least last night.  :-)
xoxbrennxox (4:37:59 PM): i dont know if i will be able to see you till friday i hope thats okay...
dakotaowner04 (4:39:14 PM): I've already accepted that.  It's fine.  I was hoping things wouldn't be this bad, but after last night, I accepted that it might be this way.  It's okay.
xoxbrennxox (4:39:36 PM): ok
dakotaowner04 (4:42:41 PM): I just don't want your life to be hell, because I want to see you or have some fun.  It's not worth it in the end.  Especially if I want them to eventually like me and get to know me, which I do!
xoxbrennxox (4:45:43 PM): yeah
dakotaowner04 (4:47:05 PM): But seriously, I expected your Dad to dislike me....not someone's mom.  haha  Afterall, he said I could come in and sit down while I was waiting for you.  He could have chased me with his shotgun.  haha
dakotaowner04 (4:48:21 PM): who were you missing last night?
xoxbrennxox (4:49:15 PM): my grandfather
xoxbrennxox (4:49:29 PM): i went to his grave yesterday n i just really wish he was around
dakotaowner04 (4:49:47 PM): Aww, babe.  I'm sorry.  *hugs*
xoxbrennxox (4:52:12 PM): *hugs back* its okay....
dakotaowner04 (4:54:34 PM): I'm always here for you (as a friend or otherwise).  I've lost 3 of my 4 grandparents.  Grandma, days before Christmas and Grandpas within a year of each other.  Ever wanna talk, or just hang out and not talk....let me know.  Or if you just need a hug.  I'm good at giving hugs!  :-)
dakotaowner04 (4:55:37 PM): what did you tell me your new e-mail addy is?
xoxbrennxox (4:56:01 PM): bfesemyer@yahoo.com
dakotaowner04 (4:56:28 PM): ok, you dropped the numbers  haha
xoxbrennxox (4:59:47 PM): yeah i had to create a new one because i couldnt remember my old password
dakotaowner04 (5:00:00 PM): yep
dakotaowner04 (5:03:44 PM): Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?  :-)
xoxbrennxox (5:04:46 PM): no ... aww y i havent done anything to be proud of
dakotaowner04 (5:06:14 PM): yes you have.  No matter what happens, you're a great Mom to Maddie...and you keep your cool when I know I'd have flipped out several times by now.  I'd have told my parents how it's going to be.
xoxbrennxox (5:06:54 PM): i want to trust me but i know it wouldnt acomplish anythings
dakotaowner04 (5:07:09 PM): ok.
dakotaowner04 (5:08:20 PM): lub
xoxbrennxox (5:09:07 PM): lu2
dakotaowner04 (5:10:38 PM): ugh.  just looked and there are no jobs I'm interested in, or that are worth quitting this job over.
xoxbrennxox (5:10:57 PM): that sucks
dakotaowner04 (5:11:09 PM): yeah it does
dakotaowner04 (5:15:33 PM): there are plenty of P-T openings.
xoxbrennxox (5:15:45 PM): haha dork
dakotaowner04 (5:15:57 PM): ?
xoxbrennxox (5:16:03 PM): the picture
dakotaowner04 (5:16:08 PM): :-D
xoxbrennxox (5:16:16 PM): haha
dakotaowner04 (5:16:34 PM): See how empty it is!  :-(
xoxbrennxox (5:16:41 PM): yeah
dakotaowner04 (5:16:53 PM): ....very sad
xoxbrennxox (5:18:13 PM): ??
dakotaowner04 (5:19:24 PM): I like the smell.  I need to find your sweatshirts too.  I can still smell your perfume when I get in the truck!  :-)
xoxbrennxox (5:20:30 PM): kk brb eating
dakotaowner04 (5:20:48 PM): ok
xoxbrennxox is available (5:55:49 PM)
xoxbrennxox (6:01:57 PM): back
dakotaowner04 (6:02:05 PM): how was dinner
dakotaowner04 (6:02:17 PM): me too
xoxbrennxox is available (6:10:48 PM)
xoxbrennxox (6:10:02 PM): damn comp

xoxbrennxox (6:10:37 PM): i didnt get what you put before
dakotaowner04 (6:11:25 PM): I asked how was dinner and said me too (as in I'm back too)
xoxbrennxox (6:14:05 PM): grilled cheese and veg soup
xoxbrennxox (6:14:09 PM): it was alright
xoxbrennxox (6:14:13 PM): wasnt very hungry
dakotaowner04 (6:14:19 PM): sounds yummy
dakotaowner04 (6:14:45 PM): I like grilled cheese sandwiches
xoxbrennxox (6:15:03 PM): yeah my dad makes pretty good ones
dakotaowner04 (6:15:17 PM): or did you just have "grilled cheese", with no bread?  :-)
xoxbrennxox (6:15:41 PM): maddie did haha she just eats the cheese
dakotaowner04 (6:15:52 PM): haha  cute
xoxbrennxox (6:16:22 PM): brb shes yellin for me
dakotaowner04 (6:16:27 PM): ok
xoxbrennxox (6:24:17 PM): lalalala
dakotaowner04 (6:24:31 PM): I LOVE your singing
xoxbrennxox (6:24:47 PM): haha im bad but i like to
dakotaowner04 (6:25:11 PM): I doubt that you're bad.
dakotaowner04 (6:25:33 PM): What's the status about?????   ;-)
dakotaowner04 (6:25:47 PM): lol
xoxbrennxox (6:25:55 PM): its the new american rejects song
dakotaowner04 (6:26:03 PM): ok
dakotaowner04 (6:26:46 PM): hmmm
dakotaowner04 (6:29:02 PM): BOO!
xoxbrennxox (6:30:18 PM): AHH
dakotaowner04 (6:30:24 PM): ??
dakotaowner04 (6:30:55 PM): I miss
xoxbrennxox is available (6:34:38 PM)
xoxbrennxox (6:34:28 PM): you scared me ...
xoxbrennxox (6:34:38 PM): ha
dakotaowner04 (6:35:04 PM): funny
dakotaowner04 (6:36:01 PM): I'm really bummed, this sucks
xoxbrennxox (6:36:12 PM): y
dakotaowner04 (6:37:23 PM): I dunno....well, I have an idea.  It's nothing I can directly or immediately control or fix tho.
xoxbrennxox (6:37:40 PM): oh
dakotaowner04 (6:38:24 PM): I just want people to like me, damnit.  Grr
xoxbrennxox (6:38:43 PM): its not that they dont like you
dakotaowner04 (6:39:48 PM): I know, but what a battle it feels like.
xoxbrennxox (6:40:51 PM): yea well nothings easy right
dakotaowner04 (6:41:02 PM): guess not
dakotaowner04 (6:41:53 PM): I KNOW it will be worth it in the end.  I've never doubted that.
xoxbrennxox (6:41:53 PM): ive learned that the hard way
dakotaowner04 (6:42:10 PM): and you shouldn't have every time.
dakotaowner04 (6:42:26 PM): I have too, but a few things were easier than this.
xoxbrennxox (6:42:33 PM): yea
dakotaowner04 (6:42:51 PM): xoxo
xoxbrennxox (6:43:59 PM): xoxox
dakotaowner04 (6:44:19 PM): you always have to give one more.  lol
dakotaowner04 (6:44:22 PM): :-)
dakotaowner04 (6:45:30 PM): oh no...I do that.  haha
xoxbrennxox (6:46:07 PM): yeah i was just gunna say you have the last word
xoxbrennxox (6:46:15 PM): or letter or something ...so HA
dakotaowner04 (6:46:24 PM): shakes his head no
dakotaowner04 (6:47:34 PM): sorry.  when it comes to giving the last x or o.....there's nothing wrong with that!  :-)
dakotaowner04 (6:47:46 PM): there are never enough anyway!
xoxbrennxox (6:49:26 PM): i know right
dakotaowner04 (6:50:30 PM): and they don't last long enough.  :-)
dakotaowner04 (6:51:15 PM): pine cones and parking lots.  hehe
xoxbrennxox (6:51:47 PM): good times
dakotaowner04 (6:51:59 PM): yes they were!!
dakotaowner04 (6:55:54 PM): someone needs to go on vacation SOON!
xoxbrennxox is available (8:12:58 PM)
xoxbrennxox (8:12:51 PM): im back
dakotaowner04 (8:20:43 PM): still there?
xoxbrennxox (8:20:47 PM): yup
dakotaowner04 (8:20:50 PM): k
dakotaowner04 (8:21:16 PM): damnit....what do I need to do to get some sleep?
dakotaowner04 (8:21:26 PM): (other than living on my own!)
xoxbrennxox (8:21:27 PM): take a sleeping aid ..
dakotaowner04 (8:21:49 PM): No, tell him to quit waking me up.
xoxbrennxox (8:22:09 PM): um okay and who is him exactly
dakotaowner04 (8:22:17 PM): I don't sleep enough as it is.  my father
xoxbrennxox (8:22:43 PM): okay ill call the house and be like can you please tone it down your son is trying to sleep
dakotaowner04 (8:23:28 PM): anyway...  xoxo  Oh, then you'll feel awkward like I do...don't do that.
xoxbrennxox (8:23:44 PM): lol
xoxbrennxox (8:23:47 PM): xoxo
dakotaowner04 (8:24:02 PM): ehh, not funny but anyway
dakotaowner04 (8:24:27 PM): I just want this to be over and for everything to be ok!!!!
dakotaowner04 (8:25:05 PM): I know it will be ok in the end....so just get me to that part, please.
dakotaowner04 (8:25:59 PM): I want to be happy again like I was a few days ago!
xoxbrennxox (8:26:49 PM): yeah
dakotaowner04 (8:28:24 PM): xoxo
dakotaowner04 (8:29:36 PM): Ed's last name is Griesel.  haha
xoxbrennxox (8:29:58 PM): yeah
dakotaowner04 (8:33:38 PM): So!!
dakotaowner04 (8:34:43 PM): O:-)
dakotaowner04 (8:39:40 PM): ...like you'd believe that!  lol
xoxbrennxox is available (8:43:41 PM)
xoxbrennxox (8:43:22 PM): haha bill collectors got my moms home phone ...dealing w/ them right now... grrr
dakotaowner04 (8:43:57 PM): for you or her?
dakotaowner04 (8:44:41 PM): tell them they have 15 minutes.  lol  Seriously...they need to stop calling by 9pm.  :-)
xoxbrennxox (8:44:53 PM): i know ... its for me
xoxbrennxox (8:45:01 PM): this is the second time they called
dakotaowner04 (8:45:15 PM): Gee, wonder who to thank for that one....
xoxbrennxox (8:46:24 PM): ut oh the supervisor wants to talk to me
xoxbrennxox (8:46:35 PM): me its one of my bills
dakotaowner04 (8:47:22 PM): talk them into payments and even if you pay $10 a month, they have to quit bugging you!  (I know this from experience)
dakotaowner04 (8:50:50 PM): They better hurry up with begging you to pay.....they've only got 10 minutes!  :-)
xoxbrennxox (8:52:32 PM): they are gunna wave the fee n take it out on the 15th
dakotaowner04 (8:53:13 PM): good, I didn't wanna have to make a few calls and beat someone!  ;-)
xoxbrennxox (8:53:22 PM): haha
dakotaowner04 (8:53:31 PM): I'd do it
xoxbrennxox (8:53:45 PM): i know
dakotaowner04 (8:53:56 PM): ok.  :-)  xoxoxo
dakotaowner04 (8:55:08 PM): I wanna go out to eat some time
xoxbrennxox (8:55:35 PM): okay
dakotaowner04 (8:55:40 PM): ?
dakotaowner04 (8:56:00 PM): any ideas?
xoxbrennxox (8:56:01 PM): im down
xoxbrennxox (8:56:06 PM): hmmm idk
dakotaowner04 (8:56:50 PM): think....  :-)
xoxbrennxox (8:58:48 PM): i am... its hard when i dont have anything up there
dakotaowner04 (8:59:06 PM): what?  Yes you DO!
dakotaowner04 (8:59:12 PM): more than me!
dakotaowner04 (9:00:44 PM): intelligent, funny, pretty, caring
xoxbrennxox (9:01:24 PM): aww thanks...im gunna try to go put maddie down
dakotaowner04 (9:01:51 PM): k,  be back?  hungry so I'm gonna take my phone and go down stairs
xoxbrennxox (9:02:03 PM): yeah ill be back...
dakotaowner04 (9:02:07 PM): k
xoxbrennxox is available (9:16:08 PM)
dakotaowner04 (9:32:28 PM): you back?
xoxbrennxox (9:32:49 PM): yeah you should read my status and look what dickhead put on craigslist
xoxbrennxox (9:33:05 PM): http://skagit.craigslist.org/cto/1406067878.html
dakotaowner04 (9:33:08 PM): I justread it.
dakotaowner04 (9:34:55 PM): I sent you an e- and it came back.  ugh
dakotaowner04 (9:35:42 PM): I wanna beat his ass
dakotaowner04 (9:36:04 PM): how did you find out about this?
xoxbrennxox (9:36:13 PM): charles
dakotaowner04 (9:36:20 PM): ok
dakotaowner04 (9:37:09 PM): hahaha.....$400 won't get him out of the mess he's got himself into!
dakotaowner04 (9:37:45 PM): wonder what else he's posted
xoxbrennxox (9:38:23 PM): i know
dakotaowner04 (9:40:55 PM): that's just a heap of junk.......he's the "project"
dakotaowner04 (9:41:34 PM): I wouldn't buy that for $4, let alone $400!
xoxbrennxox (9:42:54 PM): lol
xoxbrennxox (9:42:55 PM): it is
xoxbrennxox (9:43:29 PM): he would only get 200 for scrap metal at christansons a body shop who has already offered that to him
dakotaowner04 (9:43:48 PM): I'm sorry I am so rotten. You're going through hell, without my comments.
xoxbrennxox (9:45:59 PM): haha no its amusing
dakotaowner04 (9:46:39 PM): I have no respect for guys that pull the shit he has and treat women like he did you
xoxbrennxox (9:47:17 PM): neither do i anymore
dakotaowner04 (9:47:35 PM): good for you, Brenn!!  :-)
xoxbrennxox (9:47:36 PM): i only stayed for maddie...but realized that it was good for her either
dakotaowner04 (9:48:32 PM): yeah, she'll remember some of this shit later.  I remember my Mom and Dad fighting and all that shit.
xoxbrennxox (9:50:02 PM): exactly... i refuse to stick it out when i know it will only get worse
dakotaowner04 (9:50:29 PM): yeah
dakotaowner04 (9:51:32 PM): xoxo
xoxbrennxox (9:52:04 PM): xoxo
dakotaowner04 (9:54:08 PM): :-)
dakotaowner04 (9:54:56 PM): starrrrrrrrrrrving
xoxbrennxox (9:55:03 PM): go EAT
dakotaowner04 (9:55:45 PM): nothing sounds good......except anything you make, which brings me to another problem.  sneaking up to the house.  lol
xoxbrennxox (9:56:06 PM): r you
xoxbrennxox (9:56:09 PM): no your not
xoxbrennxox (9:56:18 PM): how could you be when your chatting w/ me on here
dakotaowner04 (9:56:26 PM): huh?
xoxbrennxox (9:56:39 PM): you sneaking up to the house
dakotaowner04 (9:57:29 PM): no, sneaking up to your house to get something you fixed is the other problem.  lol  Hell no.....I already feel awkward enough.
xoxbrennxox (9:57:48 PM): yea
dakotaowner04 (9:58:20 PM): I shouldn't be surprised.  Did I really think this would be so easy?
dakotaowner04 (10:04:20 PM): I need something
xoxbrennxox (10:04:46 PM): wuts that
dakotaowner04 (10:05:02 PM): you!
xoxbrennxox (10:05:52 PM): oh haha dur
dakotaowner04 (10:06:03 PM): what?
dakotaowner04 (10:06:29 PM): just say it.  I wanna know what you're thinking
xoxbrennxox (10:07:41 PM): i should have known that
dakotaowner04 (10:08:03 PM): I may have mentioned it before....a few times
xoxbrennxox (10:10:05 PM): yea so see i should have known
dakotaowner04 (10:10:39 PM): It's okay, babe.  send me a quick e-mail when you get a minute.  radioguy_91@zitomedia.net
xoxbrennxox (10:11:34 PM): okay..
dakotaowner04 (10:11:52 PM): I don't get why your's came back.  Grrrr
xoxbrennxox (10:14:10 PM): well i cant even get into my email cos shit keeps poppin up
dakotaowner04 (10:14:31 PM): oh, ok.  No big deal.
dakotaowner04 (10:17:23 PM): :-)
xoxbrennxox (10:18:51 PM): :-P
dakotaowner04 (10:19:43 PM): Ok, that just looks like you're misbehaving!!  =-O :-D
dakotaowner04 (10:20:11 PM): Hmm....
xoxbrennxox (10:22:13 PM): ha
dakotaowner04 (10:22:33 PM): were you or do you want to?
xoxbrennxox (10:22:53 PM): i wasnt
dakotaowner04 (10:23:01 PM): that's no fun
dakotaowner04 (10:27:02 PM): I want fun, energetic, exciting Brenn back please!!
xoxbrennxox (10:27:32 PM): yeah ... okay my ass is starting to hurt... this chair is not comfy... i think im gunna go lay down i got a head ache
dakotaowner04 (10:28:08 PM): ok.
dakotaowner04 (10:28:23 PM): feel better soon baby  xoxo
xoxbrennxox (10:28:41 PM): xoxoxo talk to you tomorrow
dakotaowner04 (10:28:56 PM): cool!  :-)
xoxbrennxox (10:29:04 PM): haha sweet dreams
dakotaowner04 (10:29:04 PM): xoxoxo lu
xoxbrennxox (10:29:08 PM): lu2
dakotaowner04 (10:29:08 PM): you too.
xoxbrennxox (10:29:12 PM): night
dakotaowner04 (10:29:17 PM): nite babe
xoxbrennxox is available (4:48:23 PM)
xoxbrennxox (4:47:39 PM): hey

xoxbrennxox (4:48:01 PM): hey
xoxbrennxox (4:49:27 PM): u not talking to me
dakotaowner04 (4:49:32 PM): I'm here
xoxbrennxox (4:50:21 PM): okay
dakotaowner04 (4:50:41 PM): yeah
xoxbrennxox (4:50:59 PM): okay then ill leave you alone
dakotaowner04 (4:51:16 PM): ?  What's going on Brenn?
xoxbrennxox (4:52:18 PM): u seem to know more than me
dakotaowner04 (4:52:51 PM): I just want the truth.  I had no reason until now to think you were not telling me the truth.
dakotaowner04 (4:53:23 PM): I just want to know it's a lie on her part.  You haven't said it is or isn't yet....
xoxbrennxox (4:53:49 PM): brb
dakotaowner04 (4:54:06 PM): I'm confused, because she has no reason to make this shit up....she has nothing to gain out of it.
dakotaowner04 (4:54:07 PM): ok
xoxbrennxox (4:54:57 PM): really ... its not all true brandon i did shit with 2 ppl while i was drunk
xoxbrennxox (4:55:06 PM): n no i do care about you and im sorry
dakotaowner04 (4:55:07 PM): ok
xoxbrennxox (4:55:18 PM): shes making it sound like i didnt fuckin care about you
xoxbrennxox (4:55:34 PM): shes not even a fuckin freind anymore
dakotaowner04 (4:55:50 PM): I realize that.
dakotaowner04 (4:55:58 PM): :-(
xoxbrennxox (4:56:14 PM): ... i didnt want to hurt you but i guess thats what im good at... i gotta go
dakotaowner04 (4:56:25 PM): I dunno what to do.  I'd hope by now you'd know how I feel and that
dakotaowner04 (4:56:27 PM): why?
dakotaowner04 (4:56:38 PM): will you be back?
xoxbrennxox is away (4:56:54 PM)
* eating yess ill be back
dakotaowner04 (4:57:00 PM): k
Auto-response: xoxbrennxox is away (4:57:00 PM)
* eating
yess ill be back
xoxbrennxox is available (5:12:16 PM)
xoxbrennxox (5:11:57 PM): im back..
dakotaowner04 (5:12:25 PM): ok.  Brenn, I'm sorry.
xoxbrennxox (5:12:44 PM): y r u sorry im the horrible person here
xoxbrennxox (5:13:04 PM): i really this is why i didnt want to ... i knew i would mess up
dakotaowner04 (5:13:34 PM): Brenn, you are NOT horrible.  I just wanted the truth.  Didn't want to what?
xoxbrennxox (5:14:03 PM): hurt you
xoxbrennxox (5:14:25 PM): and im telling you the true that micah is a bitch ... she has everything to gain.. shes pissed at me
dakotaowner04 (5:14:40 PM): If you didn't do anything you haven't told me about, how did you hurt me?  you didn't.
dakotaowner04 (5:15:47 PM): I just don't get why she'd tell me this shit, when she has nothing to gain...she's married, NOT from PA, I'll never meet her....  I'm not one bit interested in her.....I AM interested in YOU!
xoxbrennxox (5:16:17 PM): because she thinks ill loose you and that will hurt me
xoxbrennxox (5:16:39 PM): but brandon you have to know that i like someone out there...
dakotaowner04 (5:17:07 PM): Oh
xoxbrennxox (5:17:13 PM): i didnt plan on him i really didnt .... i just dont think i should be with anyone because im confused
dakotaowner04 (5:17:28 PM): I'll just let go then.
dakotaowner04 (5:17:40 PM): I've been down this path before with a girl.
xoxbrennxox (5:17:57 PM): well then fine
dakotaowner04 (5:18:26 PM): Brenn, I dated a girl that cheated on me, on the phone, while Isat on the couch next to her.
xoxbrennxox (5:18:44 PM): um im not that girl
dakotaowner04 (5:18:44 PM): Please try to understand where I'm coming from.
xoxbrennxox (5:18:52 PM): no i do completely
dakotaowner04 (5:18:56 PM): No, you definitely are not!
xoxbrennxox (5:18:59 PM): ...
xoxbrennxox (5:19:18 PM): i dont want to loose you
dakotaowner04 (5:19:19 PM): What's this shit about a guy out there then?
xoxbrennxox (5:19:30 PM): charles
dakotaowner04 (5:19:37 PM): thought so
xoxbrennxox (5:20:08 PM): i dont know what to say ... im really sorry
dakotaowner04 (5:20:42 PM): get ahold of me this weekend and I'll give you your sweatshirts.
xoxbrennxox (5:21:09 PM): ....... okay....
dakotaowner04 (5:21:37 PM): I just don't understand what I have done to be put through this.  I'd jump in front of a train for a girl.
xoxbrennxox (5:22:01 PM): i know im sorry
dakotaowner04 (5:22:19 PM): If he's the one you want, that's ok.
xoxbrennxox (5:22:49 PM): i dont know im 21 ..
dakotaowner04 (5:23:16 PM): all the talk about kids and all that other stuff.
xoxbrennxox (5:23:55 PM): i want that yess
dakotaowner04 (5:24:11 PM): What do I have to do?
dakotaowner04 (5:24:26 PM): Is there anything?.......
xoxbrennxox (5:24:53 PM): i need to be friends w/ the person .... i was never friends w/ adam n look how that turned out... i dont want that to happen w/ us...
xoxbrennxox (5:25:00 PM): and charles is just a friend
dakotaowner04 (5:25:23 PM): one you seem to have feelings for.....unless I'm totally confused.
xoxbrennxox (5:26:23 PM): yeah
xoxbrennxox (5:26:30 PM): your reading too much into this
dakotaowner04 (5:27:33 PM): Then what's this...xoxbrennxox (5:16:39 PM): but brandon you have to know that i like someone out there...
xoxbrennxox (5:28:24 PM): yea i was just telling you that i LIKE. some one out there...
xoxbrennxox (5:28:31 PM): i dont want a relationship right now
xoxbrennxox (5:28:46 PM): n i know thats what you want n i cant give that to you
xoxbrennxox (5:29:18 PM): all i have is time ... n i feel like im just wasteing yours
xoxbrennxox is away (5:32:32 PM)
* smoking... cos i dont know what else to do.... :'(
dakotaowner04 (5:32:52 PM): I can't make a relationship work, no matter what.  I wish I had known you didn't want one now.  Yeah, I know you shouldn't......but what about the motels???  I'm not one that's into flings.  But it's not a relationship and may never be.  Until now, I have been willing to make time for you and Maddie.  I'd drop everything if you needed me.  I tried to be there for you when you were in the accident.
Auto-response: xoxbrennxox is away (5:32:57 PM)
* smoking... cos i dont know what else to do.... :'(
xoxbrennxox is available (5:47:48 PM)
xoxbrennxox (5:47:52 PM): i know you have been there for me
xoxbrennxox (5:48:37 PM): that was real. i cant help the way i feel brandon. i care about you n im sorry...
dakotaowner04 (5:50:05 PM): Anyone that knowns me knows I can't just throw stuff like this away, and move on.  And if a child is involved, it's harder.
xoxbrennxox (5:50:42 PM): what do you want from me...  im sorry :'(
dakotaowner04 (5:51:30 PM): You know what I want.  It's just not what you want, now or any time soon
xoxbrennxox (5:51:51 PM): i still want to spend time w/ you tho
dakotaowner04 (5:51:59 PM): Please don't cry.  I'm definitely not worth the tears
dakotaowner04 (5:52:04 PM): oh, ok
xoxbrennxox (5:52:29 PM): im confused because my life is in pieces .. i cant loose you as a friend... you mean something to me ..
dakotaowner04 (5:53:15 PM): ok
xoxbrennxox (5:53:41 PM): ...
dakotaowner04 (5:54:40 PM): You know what I want, even if I have to wait (and I would if I needed to).  If it's not what you want, it's not worth me holding on to something that isn't.
xoxbrennxox (5:54:41 PM): youve done so much for me and this is how i repay you...
xoxbrennxox (5:54:46 PM): im so so so sorry
dakotaowner04 (5:56:01 PM): ok
xoxbrennxox (5:56:29 PM): please dont shut me out
dakotaowner04 (5:57:41 PM): I'm honestly trying not to.  If you knew me as well as family does, you'd know I won't any time soon.
xoxbrennxox (5:59:18 PM): kk... i have to go... visitating w/ my grandma... god brandon im really sorry
dakotaowner04 (5:59:29 PM): Brenn, even after all the cheating, lies and crying....I'm STILL friends with my first g/f.  I won't just let go and walk away from you.
dakotaowner04 (5:59:36 PM): later