Certified Well Tender w/o CDL

The Potter County Education Council will hold a “Certified Well Tender without CDL Course” at the Port Allegany Office. This 4-week course covers the same topics as the Certified Well Tender Course, only without the CDL component. Key topics covered during this course include: Identifying procedures and processes basic to producing, transporting, and distributing natural gas, maintaining a safe work environment,  properties of fuel gases, controlling and preventing fires fueled by natural gas, duties and responsibilities of well tenders, physical structures and completion procedures common to gas storage wells, storage well operations, proper use of combustible gas indicator, proper use of buried pipe using pipe locating equipment, and routine maintenance and patrolling of facilities.


Dates: August 1 - September 23 or September 26 - November 18 -- Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center

Fee: $5,980 per student