PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer

The Potter County Education Council is seeking interested individuals for the PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer program.  The PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer course allows an instructor to administer the PEC Basic-Safe


Gulf/SafeLand Orientation course. The PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation course was designed to take the place of multiple Operator orientation courses and to give each student a general idea of life and safety issues in the oil and gas industry - upstream, downstream, onshore, and offshore. As more and more industries are accepting and/or requiring this credential,  having an in-house trainer can greatly reduce the cost of certifying your employees and increases your flexibility in scheduling the training. Each instructor will receive classroom training and the following manuals: PEC Basic Orientation Instructor Manual, PEC Basic Orientation Student Manual, PEC Basic Orientation Video, All-in-One Video, Backdrop for Student Photographs, PowerPoint Presentation and reference material that will support the instruction  
of the program. Ten individuals are needed to run this course.  If you are interested in this course call (814) 545-1333