Happy 2011!  I finally had time to put together a photo holiday card. My cards are never mailed before Christmas because rarely do I have the family together to take the pictures until after the special day. This year, our celebration was on the 26th...and although we did take a group photo, there wasn't a really great photo from which to choose... and our number one grandson has moved to Texas and was not home for our Christmas get-together...leaving any photo would would take incomplete.  I decided to just get a head shot of each - the four kids, their partners and the 9 grandkids.  Again, this is no easy task. Then, there's the fact that you can't just drag that many pictures into a set-up template.  Most labs allow 12 as the max...we had 13 photos.  I also had a hard time with usernames and passwords and ended up using my daughter's account to create my card and place the order.  I think God has a way of making me appreciate the little things in life.  I am so happy to have these cards ordered and look forward to sending them. Had it been an easy task, it may have just been another to-do item on my long list of things that need to be completed.

Before I say another thing I want to make mention of the change of ownership at Port Pharmacy.  Mike and Lynn Farber have sold the popular pharmacy/gift shop and will now enjoy a much deserved retirement.  I have no details on how long Mike has had the pharmacy but I do remember that years ago, when we had an active Chamber of Commerce, we wanted to honor Mike Farber on the occasion of his silver anniversary at the pharmacy.  That never happened as Mike isn't one to agree to such things.  Even though I don't have details, I  do have memories of Mike having a hand in helping other businesses to get started and of so many things that Mike and Lynn have done for our community not only through the pharmacy and the Canoe Place Inn but also through groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Borough Council, Music Boosters, PACS and so much more. The details don't matter, the overall picture is that this husband-wife duo have gone above and beyond in everything they've done and have touched the lives of thousands!  They deserve a round of applause and our thanks.  They also deserve much happiness and that is my hope for them. 

Julia Collver and Rebecca Culver presented a program to the local Rotary Club concerning the Port Allegany High School yearbook - the Tiger Lily.  It's interesting how they put the book together...how the book is funded...it's a far cry from the cut-and-paste process used when I was in school.  Many parents will complain about the price of a yearbook...especially those parents who have two, three or more to buy...but the book is actually sold from much less than the yearbook staff pay for them.  Advertisements and fundraisers make up the difference.  The yearbook has a great staff and are led by faculty advisor Kim Bowser.  It's so much fun to look back through old yearbooks.  It's also fun to see have they have changed throughout the years.  My dad was the program chair for the day, so I'm really appreciative that the girls did a great job i their presentation.  

I haven't really heard about any upcoming events. Sometimes people bypass me with info now that I'm not in the office, but if you let me know what's going on - I'll be glad to share with R-A readers. 

Here's hoping that 2011 has found you happy and healthy and that the year continues to be that way for you and your family.