The winter sports seasons are winding down and Junior High Basketball and Cheerleading will begin.  Senior night activities were very nice, as they always are. If you enjoy these events or have been a guest of honor at any of them, please thank the Boosters who put a lot of time and effort in not only the Senior Day/Night events, but also the banquets.  It's nice to recognize the kids who work so hard at their activities and the parents who support them.

I was elated to go on my early-morning walk and find the temperature to be at 45 degrees...that was Monday.  Tuesday morning, the temp was 15 degrees.  Such is the weather when you live in Port A., PA.  I talked with our daughter who lives in Florida Monday morning and she said in was warmer here than it was in Tallahassee.  Yet, when I talked with her after work that day, she said her window was rolled down and it was 71 degrees. Guess that's why people head to Florida in the winter.

There will be a benefit Sunday, February 20 for Carolyn Hawver.  Carolyn is once again battling cancer.  She has to make many trips to Pittsburgh and purchase items to aid her in her fight.  Since she's not been feeling well, she's also not been working.  The benefit consists of a soup/chili meal along with a Chinese Auction with some great prizes and a 50/50 raffle.  The event will be held from 11:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Building.  Stop by for a great meal and help Carolyn out at the same time.

As I type this column on Tuesday morning I think of two of my favorite people who are celebrating their birthdays today.  The first is my mother... I'd say how old she is, but I'm not sure she'd appreciate it.  She certainly doesn't look her age, we'll leave it at that!  The other person celebrating today is a classmate from days gone by.  I always thought he was a great granddaughter has confirmed that thought.  After the first week of kindergarten, she reported that "Mr. Nasto is awesome!"  I agree.  Happy Birthday!  We celebrated these birthdays and that of my sister-in-law, Debbie at the Port Freeze.  The food was delicious and Ed and Judy had the buffet and tables set up so nicely.  We really appreciated their efforts and enjoyed our time there.

Following that celebration, we invited a few people in to meet our youngest grandchild....Christian Lloyd!  It was so nice to sit and visit with people.  It doesn't happen very often.  Christian behaved very well as did his big sisters Lillianne and Makayla.

The day before, we (Cathleen, Lexi, Kayla and I)  took a CPR/First Aid class on Saturday at the Ambulance Barn.  It took the whole day, but was worth the time spent.  Barry Daughterty was our instructor and he did a great job.  I won't be quitting my day job to follow in Barry's footsteps, but it's nice to have some idea of what to do in these situations.

I've heard some talk about helping the Fire Department with "their" financial woes.  They need help!  And by "their" and "they" - I mean all of us.  "They" are the ones doing all the work - training, raising money for equipment, and making sure that every thing runs smoothly.  We are the ones who receive the benefits from their training and fundraising.  It's a little one-sided.  There has been talk of sponsoring some benefits for the fire department.  I hope people follow through with those ideas.  We all need to be thinking about we can do to help our local fire department...we are so blessed to have such dedicated people looking out for our well being. Let's see what we can do to support the local fire department.