I'm sitting at my daughter's house in Midway, Florida.  It's the eve of her "pretend" birthday.  Tomorrow or maybe the next day (depending on how you look at it) our baby will turn 27.  Although 27, she's only had 6 real birthdays.  We're glad to be here to celebrate with Kacie!  In 2012, she'll have another real birthday. 

We've heard and seen that Port Allegany has had tons of snow since we left.  There's a rumor we won't be driving down our driveway any time soon. My husband loves to talk to people who are suffering with all the snow and cold and give them the weather report from where we are.  The weather has been beautiful here...nice, breezy...but a little too warm for me!  By the time you read this, we should be back in Port A.  Hopefully, the snow will be gone.  If not, we'll deal!

We've really missed our family back home.  I don't know how people do it...the families with kids here and there and everywhere.  Until a few months, we had everyone in Port with the exception of Kacie. Now the number one grandson has moved to Texas.  I'm not sure I'll get used to everyone not being near by, but I'm trying.

We'll jump right back in the swing of things as soon as we get home...I'm going to be juggling the basketball and fireman's banquets.  It should be a good time.  I'm just hoping to do justice to both! 

Next week will be production week for Showcase.  It's always a busy, hectic but rewarding week,  I've missed the beginning of the Junior High basketball season.  That's bad for two reasons - first, I enjoy watching the kids play and second, our #3 granddaughter is playing. 

I've received a few things via e-mail that people have sent for the Argus.  I'm having a hard time forwarding the photos.  If I don't get it right before I get home, I'll figure it out then.  If you sent me something before February 17, I've sent it on to the Coudy office. If it has yet to run, it's just waiting its turn.  If you've sent something after the 17th and it has yet to run, I've probably not processed it yet.  Don't give up!


I have been asked to let readers know that there will be a 5K run on Saturday, May 1 to benefit the Library Building Fund and the annual Library Dinner Auction will be held on September 17.  Both of these events sound far off, but just turn around and the time will be here.  Mark your calendars!