I enjoyed Production Week very much...love, love, love...watching the kids and directors perfecting their performances.  I so appreciate all that they do.  It's not an easy week for the kids, the directors, and even their parents.  Some days the students start their days between 7 or 7:30 when they show up for lifting, Gator News, Jazz Band and Chamber Singers...they go to school all day, participate in JH Basketball/ Cheerleading, Softball, Baseball and Track and then end up on the stage until 9 p.m.  Even though the week is long, and hard...I'm hoping the performers thought the end result was well worth the energy they put into the show.  Showcase is one of my very favorite events of the whole year.  When the Combined Choirs take their final bows on Saturday night, the first thought in my head is I can't wait until Show Choir Spectrum because I don't want it to be the last time I see these numbers!     Congratulations to everyone involved...and a big thank you to all!

Also on Friday night, we went to the 40th birthday party for Cathleen Bosworth...the oldest of the three daughters.  It was one of the nicest parties I've been to in a long, long time...and what is so amazing about that is that it was planned by her husband who made the food and everything!  He did a wonderful job.  Cathleen always talks about him making food, but I guess I didn't realize just what a good cook he was.  It was nice to have the family together.  It was a nice party.  Good job, Jerry!  And yes, that cute little girl with her picture in the zero of the 40...that was Cathleen.  

We went to the Powder Puff Derby Saturday morning.  There were 68 girls - from Daisies to Cadets - who had a fun morning racing little cars they made with their parents/grandparents.  It was a lot of fun.

The Derby was held at the Moose Family Center upstairs.  Our next event was an open house retirement party for Mike Farber...it was held downstairs at the Moose Family Center.  What a nice event this was!  The Moose always does a good job...the community came out to thank Mike and wish him well...Bonna Tanaka created a wonderful DVD presentation that was fun to watch...Lynn had made a wonderful scrapbook that I need to stop by to view the pages I missed.  Kim Nelson of Karizma, offered the microphone to party-goers who might like to say something about Mike.  Peggy Kallenborn read a letter she had written to Mike to slip in his card.  It was the best letter ever!  She did a great job and expressed what we all felt.  The microphone was offered to others, after Peggy spoke...but we all decided that she spoke so well that there was not much left to say.  It was a great afternoon!  Hopefully Mike realized how highly he is regarded and that people, even though we sometimes forget to show it, appreciate all he did for not only his customers, but also this community.

Sunday afternoon we went to my brother's home in Allegany to beet our new great-niece, Zelma Violet Eastman.  That, too, was a very nice family event.  Zelma is adorable.  Zelma's mom and dad - Jason and Jen were visiting from Myrtle Beach; Alana and her fiance came from Williamsport; and Logan came in from USC (California).  Tony (Alana's fiance) was also celebrating a birthday on March 13. So we celebrated that as well.

It was a feel-good weekend - that's for sure!  Exhausting, but feel-good!

Coming up - we have the Lenten services on Wednesdays, through Lent...there's a Sons of the American Legion Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - and also a pool tournament at the Veterans Memorial Building...those breakfasts are very good!

Kids are able to sign up for Spring Soccer and the Challenger British Soccer Camp...and community members are being encouraged to register for the 5K walk/run to benefit the library.  The date of the race isn't until May 7...but registrations are due by the first.  If you pre-register, you get a free t-shirt!  That's a good deal!

There are three kids - Michael Ernst, Rebecca Lathrop and Tyler Bee - who are Student People to People Ambassadors.  They are raising funds for an educational trip to Europe this summer.  One of those fundraisers is a soup/desert supper on April 17 at St. Gabriel's that will benefit the trio.

Speaking of soup suppers, the Episcopal Church is having another of their famous soup suppers on March 26...so mark your calendars!