PAM'S CORNER - I read something on Facebook - from Jeremy Barnard, was a "remember when" type of thing..."Remember those bumper stickers "Only The Best Comes In Glass" that were on almost every car in town? Remember when Beck's was the place for penny candy? Remember the curb-side tastee freeze, the PDQ, the bowling alley, Widmann's & the hospital? Wise chips came in a box, pop came in a glass bottle, & kids played outside?"

Must be I wasn't the only one who went back in time to "remember" some pretty cool things in Port Allegany.  There were many people who posted comments about things they remembered from days gone by.   Here are a few things that came to my mind after reading Jeremy's post:

My dad's cousin, Duane Ford, drove he milk truck and delivered milk to our house, in glass bottles.  I think we had an insulated milk box on the porch where the milk was left.   Didn't the milk come from Weimer's Dairy?

There was a truck that came around to deliver potato chips in a can - they were called Charles Chips.

Carnival was held first week after school was out...rides were 10 cents each.  There was a nickel pitch...and the prizes were dishes...why we all wanted to "win" dishes is beyond me, but it was a very popular spot at the carnival.

Max Roys was a personal friend of Santa Claus and many children were visited by the jolly old elf thanks to arrangements made through Max.

Wendt's owned the Tastee Freeze and my brothers would get 10 cent cones and I would get 5 cent cones - and there was so much ice cream we could barely finish it.  There were two flavors to choose from - chocolate and vanilla.

The pool had picnic tables as you first walked in the the sunbathing area there were trees on one end and it was sunny on the other end...something for everyone.  The snack bar had some of the best treats...stuff you couldn't find elsewhere...the diving boards were very cool...staggering in height on both sides with one "high" dive...the pool always opened on Memorial Day and always closed on Labor Day.  After school would begin in the fall, we would run home after school, get our suits on and go to the pool.  It only lasted for a week, but it was so cool!

Downtown was a neat place to be...the First National Bank had double steps out front that I loved to go up oneside and down the other...Elliott's Bakery was known for  long-johns and salt-rising bread...we've never found either that were as good as the ones from the bakery...Elliott's Pharmacy...Chapin's Market...Kanter's with the horse you'd put a nickel or dine in  and get a ride, Hamlin's was where I would typically spend my allowance...and Pfiel's...which out-of-towners would often call "Piff-els"...I remember Western Auto, and the mini-mall owned by Dominic Farmelo...the Budget store, Tot-n-Teen shop and Fabric Center could all be reached from Main Street or you could go from store to store without going outside!  Stores were opened Friday nights but closed at noon on Wednesdays.

I remember the Sugar Bowl...but it was for teenagers and I only remember being inside a couple times after my brother got stuck taking me to the movies.  The Grand Theater was a lot of fun, but also scary.  I was always afraid I would have to climb the steps and use the bathroom there!

I remember Bucheits...seems like they had some ladies hats when you first walked in....or maybe that was a different store. 

There were two gas stations at the end of Chestnut Street.  One time Mike Barrett and I went to the station and were waited on by Jim Comino.  We bought a dollar's worth of gas and got three gallons!  Mike had an old rag instead of a gas cap.  Mr. Comino asked him (after we spent a whopping dollar!) if he would like his windshield washed and his gas cap polished!   Not sure why I thought that was so funny - but still laugh when thinking about it all. 

Community Park had swings - for babies and others for children of all ages, a huge slide - it's still there...a merry-go-round...still there!...teeter totters, and a very cool picnic place called the hogan. The hogan was dome shaped...looked like a space ship.  No matter how hot it was, it was always cool in the shelter of the hogan. 

Old Baldy was a destination spot for little kids, families and teenagers - mainly teenagers, I think. "The Rocks" used to be "THE place to be"... 

Sundays were for church and the churches were full!  There were no sporting events, Scouting events or shopping trips on Sundays...just Sunday School, Church and family gatherings.  It was nice!  Wednesday's were saved for church activities, as well. 

The Butler Hotel was famous for their texas hots and people would go in just to visit with Jimmy and Nora...what a great spot!  What great people!  The best burgers could be found at the Ideal.

A personal favorite for me were dances with music being played by my brother's band, the Echoes.  They played at the Grange, the Moose, had outdoor dances at the tennis courts and the Market Basket parking lot.

We thought the "new" hospital was was a busy place!

If you care to share some of your "remember whens"...e-mail me at and I will share as many as possible in this space.

Don't forget the soup supper at St. Joseph's Saturday...makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Last, but definitely not least, we did not travel to my brother's in Allegany to "beet" my great-niece, Zelma...we went to "meet" her.  Apparently it was a typo.  I do read and re-read my column before sending it but often overlook such typos as I know what I'm saying and I scan it, it reads in my head what I meant which is not always the same as what I've, forgive me, Zelma!