We love talking about the good old days...many favorable comments were sent my way concerning last week's walk down memory lane.  Peter Horne remembered the following,

"The gas stations at the end of Chestnut... One was the Port Gulf station, and the other changed brands a couple times, I believe it was a Quaker State for awhile.  That one was also the Greyhound Bus Station, busses running between Erie and Scranton, and continuing into NYC.  Later the bus only had a "flag" stop at the corner of Arnold.

At least for awhile the "Snow Ball" was sponsored by the Youth Counselors and held between Crhistmas and New Years, in the Moose Hall.  There was also a corn roast at the end of summer.

Everyone used to have a white barrel for collecting clear glass (no colored glass).  Boy Scouts would periodically pick it up and take it to Pierce Glass where it was used as an ingredient in new glass.

Also, wasn't there an annual canoe race from Roulette to the Route 6 bridge in Port A?

As for stores, for men's wear there was Stan's.
And didn't the stores used to close on Wednesday afternoons so the proprietors could go to Olean or other larger towns?"

I'm not sure about the Wednesdays...I was told that the stores closed at noon for church things.  There were Lenten Services, church circles and most churches had events on Wednesday evenings.  There used to be an unwritten agreement between the community and the schools that practices and other events would not be scheduled on Wednesdays...giving families a chance to reconnect or to allow those who wished to attend the church events a chance to do so.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to try that once again.  I know there's no chance...we don't even save Sundays for church/family time anymore!

The Music Boosters are planning a big event Saturday at the school.  No one gave me any information about this, but I copied the following from the PAHS website.  "A Drive One 4UR School event will be held on April 2nd from 9am-5pm. If you are 18 yrs and older, stop by the main parking lot of the Port Allegany High School, bring your drivers license, register, and take a 5 minute survey concerning your opinion of Ford vehicles. You can test drive one of the vehicles on site, come back, and complete a 5 minute exit survey. Each participating household will earn $20 to be distributed to the Port Allegany Music Boosters. We can earn up to $6,000! There will be a chicken BBQ and raffles during the event."  Please support the Music Boosters!  It's not hard to test drive a car!  The chicken barbecue will be delicious, I'm sure...and who knows - it may be your lucky day where the raffles are concerned.