I really was not looking forward to Sunday.  Any of the activities I had scheduled would be things I would look forward to - had they been taking place one or two at a time.  Worried that I couldn't fit everything in weighed on my mind so much so that I was more dreading than looking forward to the day.  Yet, everything worked out wonderfully and I had quite a lovely day.

First, every Sunday begins with Sunday school and church.  Some find their weekly 1 or 2 hours at church an obligation, maybe even a chore...I, however, love my Sunday mornings.  Some are more hectic than others, but I love going to Sunday school.  It's something I've been doing for 51 years.  The only thing I've done longer is going to church.  I understand i came home from the hospital on a Sunday and went to church the following Sunday.  If there is anyone who thinks I don't know how blessed I am to be sitting in church on Sunday mornings with my parents, as I have been doing  for almost 56 years, they are wrong. When the husband, any of the kids or grandkids join me...it's even better!

So, I started the day at Sunday school and church as usual.  Since it was the first Sunday of the month, we had a congregational dinner following morning worship...another event to look forward to... yet I left UMC to go to the Lutheran church.  I'm not sure what they are doing right at the Gethsemane Lutheran Church, but for the second time in three weeks, I was invited to stop by and take a picture of a church member celebrating their 90th birthday.  The first was Howie Gustafson, a wonderful man and great R-A columnist...this time the honoree was Martha Stromberg Klein.   I've heard wonderful storeis about the Strombergs since I was a little girl.  Martha is a wonderful lady...quiet, kind, caring and lovely!  It was an honor to wish her a happy birthday and take a picture of her and her family.

After wishing Martha well, back to UMC I went.  Thankfully for me, there was some food left...and it was delicious!  Number five granddaughter and I went to visit with my parents for a few minutes before my husband and I headed to the Wrestling Banquet.  Wrestling Banquets are always great.  They have wonderful food!   I've always had great company at my table - this year I was sitting with Kandi Goodreau and Mindy Bernardi.

Keith Delacour served as MC...he's a good MC...has had lots of practice...and did a great job Sunday afternoon.  Wrestlers always talk about "family" and how they stick together.

The seniors are  urged to give back to the program.  Many do!  The head table was full of PAHS grads - Cody Anderson, Chad Saltsman, Shane Martin, JH Coach Ryan Johnson, Assistant Coaches Alan Lovell, BJ Greenman and Isaac Greeley.  These men were nice kids and accomplished wrestlers.  Now they are nice men and are "giving back" to PAHS wrestling.  Also at the head table was long-time Gator Wrestling Coach, John Kriner...it's nice to visit with him whenever the opportunity arises.

After 25 years of working with wrestlers in Port Allegany, Sean Lathrop has retired, for the time being. He's given so much to area wrestlers and deserves all the accolades he received Sunday afternoon.  It was one heart-warming story after another...along with a lot of humor, of course!!

I enjoyed the banquet.  It was nice having my husband with me.  But then it was off to the next event...confirmation at St. Gabriel's.  The Bishop was visiting.  It was a big deal.  I was worried I would be late.  They had asked me to come at 6 or 6:30.  I told them I wasn't sure I would be done at the banquet.  Then I was told I could take pictures after confirmation...that eased my mind a little.  I rushed into the church and the service was about to begin.  At first, I was thinking I've been gone all day, am exhausted and while happy to have not missed the whole thing, wasn't really thrilled about staying out another hour or so.  Yet, as usual, i was wrong.  I enjoyed the message the Bishop had, enjoyed the music and also enjoyed taking pictures of the kids with the Bishop and their families.

I wasn't looking forward to Sunday but it turned out to be a special day.  I hope you had a special day as well.