I've had a lot of great experiences since I last sat to write this column.  I will probably leave out as many things as I talk about - but as I get older, my memory isn't that great!

Thursday afternoon, Rotary was held at the Seneca Highlands Career Technical Center or CTC for short.  Never heard of it?  It's actually the former SHAVTS (Seneca Highlands Area Vocational-Technical School).  Apparently the name was changed at the March Board meeting.  The Culinary students, under the direction of Chef Paul, prepared and served a delicious lunch complete with Italian wedding soup, grilled chicken salad, home baked bread and a yummy dessert with home made granola, yogurt, berries, etc....yummy!!!  The kids do such a nice job - they are very professional!  We then toured the Networking Class and learned a little about what was going on there.  Rotarians were able to ask questions of teacher Donna Giannattasio and her students.  It was very interesting.

Friday I went to the groundbreaking at the Charles Cole Memorial Hospital Port Health Center.  It's going to be fantastic when completed...in about nine months, they say.  The ceremony was nice, well-attended.  I took pictures which will appear on this week's picture page.  President and CEO of CCMH, Ed Pitchford, told us of what was going on with the project; Rev. Randy Headley, Vice-Chair of CCMH followed him, giving the board's perspective; Dr. Tronetti was next on the agenda...he had a nice talk, most of which will be covered in the news story on page one.  What may or may not be covered, however, is the fact that his current office is located where the former hospital's labor and delivery room once stood.  So, basically, he's practicing in the same spot where he was born.  Ron Caskey, Secretary of the board, also spoke.  He told of how those of us who came in town by the old Sheetz store were met with many empty buildings and that those of us who came from Smethport/Turtlepoint way drove by the recently demolished portion of Pittsburgh Corning and how refreshing it was to see something being built and seeing a little money being invested in the town.  It's nice to think about the positives!  Marty Causer followed.  It's always nice to see Marty.  He does a good job when speaking and I believe he's doing a great job in Harrisburg.  He doesn't forget his Turtlepoint/Port Allegany roots and can be found at many local events!  He was once an active member of PAAS, if I remember correctly, so I'm sure that health care is still very important to him.  Last, Gary Maras, Senior Vice-President of UPMC/Hamot spoke.  UPMC Hamot has joined forces with CCMH to do these expansion and renovation to the Port facility.  He mentioned someone who was a mentor to him - Dr. Gary Lyons, a former Port Allegany resident.  Also on hand, in addition to Ron Caskey and Jason Tronetti, were other PAHS grads, Dr. Michael Tarbox and Val Jackson, also from UPMC Hamot, and Julie Baker.  It was like a little Gator reunion!

Doing the honors in the groundbreaking ceremony were Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith, Becky Seefeldt, CRNP, Julie Baker, PA-C, Ron Caskey, Pastor Randy, Dr. Tronetti and Dr. Tarbox.  I never really saw gold shovels with red ribbons before, but they were fitting for the event.

The luncheon which followed was wonderful.  Ed Vicic from the Port Freeze and his helper, Brittany Keck, did a great job.  The food was delicious and the presentation very appealing as well!  I heard lots of positive comments ...not only on Friday but also throughout the weekend.

Friday night I went to a rehearsal for the wedding of Clyde Stone and Tracey Green.  The wedding was held the following day.  Both events were a lot of fun.  It was a very casual event...very relaxing.  I had the opportunity to catch up with a former classmate, Tracey's brother, Lonnie.  It was nice to see him!  Congrats to Tracey and Clyde!

I left the reception to attend the PAHS 2011 Prom.  Congrats to Bryanna Evens and Ryan Kio who were selected as Queen and King of the event.  I was so excited for this event, as I had three grandchildren in attendance...and they looked gorgeous.  All of the kids looked great and I think everyone had a good time.  I left after the crowning.  I don't usually do that - but I had some great shots and I was exhausted!

Sunday morning I got up early so I could go to the Crosby UMC and take a picture of a special lady who was to be honored during the morning worship.  That woman was Tola Thomas...Tola has played the organ/piano for Crosby UMC for over 60 years.  The service was geared around Tola and was very touching.  She was presented with a plaque to commemorate the event and a reception was held following the service.  I actually left before the service because I had to get back to the Port Sunday School...and get ready for Unsung Heroes.

Our February recipient does so much in the community and I'm not sure anyone realizes just how much she volunteers.  A couple of people must have known, as well as those at the Moose Lodge...as she was nominated by more than one person.  Her name is Euretta Amell...and when you see her volunteering, please thank her for all she does!  Also recognized on Sunday was Sean Lathrop.  He, too, was nominated by more than one person.  He was selected as our March recipient.  Sean, too, has done a lot of volunteering in our community but is best known for his volunteer work as a coach...JO Wrestling, Community Softball and Soccer...and of course, his work as Assistant/Head Coach  for the Gator Wrestling team.  Both of these honorees are very deserving and we were happy they could be in attendance.  As always, feel free to nominate someone who has been an Unsung Hero in your life!

Since Pastor Randy was in Crosby, Ardel McLaughlin and Susan Roboski led our morning worship service...and a wonderful job they did.  Following church, my parents and I went to the funeral of former neighbor and church family member Ralph Leonard.  Ralph was a great guy that I've known since I was four years old and moved to Chestnut Street.  He has a nice wife who also was my beautician growing up...and four great kids - two boys and two girls.  The last phone visit I had with Ralph was when he wanted to talk about Dana retiring and the info he gave me to put in my column regarding Dana's career.  He was very proud of his children.  It was nice to see the kids again even though I wish it could have been some where other than the funeral home.  The service, however, was a celebration of Ralph's life and was done very well.

Later, the Sunday School kids had a special dinner for Pastor Randy.  It was so sweet to see the kids cutting up tomatoes, slicing fruit, setting the table and everything that goes into making a wonderful event.  The best part for me were the hugs...Pastor Randy and Barb walked into he door and the three little ones who weren't in the kitchen went running for hugs from this special couple.  The kids got to visit with their pastor and vice-versa.  We had a parade of presents giving Pastor Randy some practical presents with some unique sentiments.  It was a heart-warming happening.

Last, but not least, I spent Monday night at Coudersport High School for Show Choir Spectrum 2011.  That, too, is a great event that I look forward to each year.  The kids work hard...their hard work is evident.  I'm always sad when I see the  Port show for the last time.  I was glad to be able to attend.

As I end this, I look forward to some spring sports this week.  I think there are a couple of events scheduled for today after school.  Hopefully, they weren't cancelled.