Last week's "when it rains it pours" adventures seem to be over.  I know by writing that, I've jinxed myself, but so what else is new?   Mike seems to be feeling better, as are Lexi's kids.  Hopefully things will remain calm for the rest of the week.
Last week I missed out on a fun-filled day at the IU9 Elementary Song Fest.  I had planned to spend the day at the event and do a picture page.  I mentioned the Song Fest in last week's column, but didn't realize until later on that I didn't give it the respect it deserved.  When talking about music programs, we here in Port Allegany are spoiled.  We expect excellent music programs and have been exposed to them for years.
I talked with an old friend last week.  He told me he was in attendance at Tuesday's Song Fest concert.  It blew him away.  He could not believe what an excellent concert he had taken in...and how that excellence came from elementary students.  He was impressed with the guest conductor.  I told him about some of our musical events throughout the year - with Wintersongs, the Holiday Band Concert, Centerstage, Showcase, Jazz and Java and the spring name a few.  He'd like to bring his daughter to Port to take in some of these events.  It was then that I realized how spoiled and lucky we are...and have been. It's funny how different things look when seen through the eyes of others.
Another music event that I mentioned, but again, didn't give the proper respect was All-Eastern Honors Festival.  The 2011 festival was held in Baltimore, Maryland.  We had two students who were invited to attend - Renee Edgell and Shane Whitney.  All-East is a BIG deal.  To have two students selected from our tiny little school is pretty amazing.  I took a nice picture of Renee and appeared on the back page of the Argus with a little caption  A few days ago, I saw a big article located on the front page of the Olean Times Herald.  It had a color photo of three students - one from Portville High School, one from Olean and one from Allegany-Limestone.  The trio had also been selected to participate in the festival...along with 337 seven of the best high school singers from several states.  PAHS had two students participate.  PAHS consistently has students selected to participate.
I know it's an amazing thing...I know we should be more impressed, but I guess we just get used to such things.  In any was a big deal and a big congrats to not only Renee and Shane, but also to Mr. Myers. I'm sorry it took a front page picture in the OTH to open my eyes.
Wednesday I went to the last Lenten Service.  I enjoyed these services tremendously and am thankful for the Port Allegany Ministerium for organizing these services as well as the Advent Services each year.   Wednesday evening I was at St. Gabriel's for their annual Seder.  I didn't get to stay for the whole event as I have the past few years, but for the short time I was there, it was as wonderful as always.
I left St. Gabriel's to go to PAHS for a little preview of the spring musical - Into the Woods.  It promises to be a wonderful production. Mark your calendar for May 13/14.
Thursday was Rotary day.  Three ladies from CARE were at the meeting and provided the program.  CARE is such a great's always nice to have the CARE staff give updates.
Later in the day, I went to the track meet.  It was cold.  It was windy.   But, it wasn't raining or snowing - so that was a plus.  There are many great track athletes doing wonderful things this year.  I'm going to mention one of those great athletes in this space.  Nick Conway...a sophomore...has set three school records since the season began.  Congrats, Nick!
Saturday I went to the Youth-Counselor sponsored Easter Egg Hunt.  Apparently the cold and wet ground kept a lot of kids away, but it was really nice for the ones who did show.  There were lots of eggs and prizes for everyone.  Shannon Kio and Barb Delacour were in charge of the event.  Lindsey Delacour made arrangements for the Easter Bunny to appear and hand out treats!  Too bad the warm weather that appeared around 4 p.m. Saturday didn't come a few hours earlier.
Sunday morning, my parents and I went to the Sunrise Service with lay leader Judy Evens speaking.  She had a nice message and following this service, we had breakfast at the church.
We had a Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Our hunt was held inside.  The kids had a great time.  Patty Fabish organized the event and worked on an Easter craft with the kids!   Assisting her at the hunt were preschool teachers Heather Dynda and Kelli Burgess.  All I did is take pictures.
The morning worship service followed.  It was weird...Makayla was at her dad's but the rest of the family made it;  my brother's family was missing - they were not feeling well, possible food poisoning...but my Aunt Lois and Uncle Bob (from Lockport, NY) surprised us and made it to Port in time for church!  So, it wasn't the usual crowd sitting in the pew with me...but it was a wonderful service, as always.
One of the nicest things that happened at church this Easter was the chance to reconnect and get hugs from some of my favorite Sunday school students - Emily Schena, Chris Fabish, Brent Frontino and Amarae Reinard...and Tyler Payne who sits in the back section of the church with us on a regular basis.
The Easter Feast, prepared by my mother,  was excellent as always.  We were always amazed at her great meals...but as the years go by you would think that she might slow down a little...that she might cut a few corners...but that is not the case.  There is no better place to be for Easter dinner than at my Mom and Dad's.  How lucky am I?  Very!!
Don't forget the Sportsman Raffle at the Port Allegany Fire Hall on Saturday...and the pancake suppser at the Sartwell Church.  May 7th will be the 5K walk/run for the library; the Chicken Barbecue for the People to People Ambassador trip; and the Leek Supper at the Veterans Memorial Building.  See you there!