First line in last week's column, "Last week's "when it rains it pours" adventures seem to be over.  I know by writing that, I've jinxed myself, but so what else is new?   Mike seems to be feeling better, as are Lexi's kids.  Hopefully things will remain calm for the rest of the week."  About 24 hours later, my dad was in a car accident...there was nothing calm about the rest of my week.  

I've bragged up the police, ambulance and fire department personnel up in the column on more than one occasion.  My admiration and appreciation for them hit close to home last week.  Thank you to everyone who responded and helped my father!  

Thanks, too, to the person who called to let me know about Dad...the people at the scene that helped my mother and I, to Pastor Randy and to everyone who called, stopped by, and checked up on us.  My dad is very lucky.  His family is very grateful.

Also last week, right before it started to storm, my husband, granddaughter and I went to Rock Run to meet a very nice man who took it upon himself to beautify the road by planting daffodils.  I learned about this nice man, from Anne Tanner.  When we arrived, we found Sy Tanner right away...with no problem...but he didn't want his picture taken with the daffodils...neither did my husband or my granddaughter.  Makayla, however, didn't really get a vote and we put the "pretty little girl" in the photo.  It turned out nice...and the daffodils were beautiful.  It was a wonderful thing for Mr. Tanner to do.  Thanks to Anne (I'm not sure I'm spelling her name correctly) for giving me the heads up.

Lillianne Elizabeth, our number our 8th grandchild and 6th grand-daughter, celebrated birthday number 2 Friday...and again with a family party on Monday.  I was thinking of her party and all of a sudden realized that my husband and our number 4 grandchild  and number 2 granddaughter, will celebrate this week...not next week as I originally thought!  I went to hurry mode and hope to get back on schedule before their birthday on Thursday!  Happy Birthday to Lilly, Mike and Sasha!

I heard the first ever Sportsman Raffle sponsored by the local fire department went well.  My husband enjoyed himself, even though he didn't win a thing!

Lexi, Christian and I went to a baby shower for Sarah Barnard Smith.  It was a great shower and we had a nice time.  

Sunday evening, we went back to church to celebrate with Barb Headley who graduated from Pitt-Bradford earlier in the day.  We, her church family and friends, are very proud of her.  She earned many honors throughout her college career while taking care of her family, providing music for two churches each and every Sunday morning and holding down a job.  She's an amazing person.  Whoever hires her and gets her on their team will be very lucky!  Congrats Barb!

It will be a busy weed in Port Allegany with the fun(d) run Saturday morning, a t-ball game, a chicken barbecue, a leek supper and a couple of invite-only events.  I'm not breathing a word about hoping that things soon calm down   I learned my lesson!