I often ask people how their children are doing after leaving PAHS.  We watch them for 12 years of school, they graduate and go on...then we never hear of them and their accomplishments again.  When I ask about the kids, I try to get parents to promise to share.  Lisa Bizzaro did just that.  Unfortunately, she sent me this info a long time ago...and every week I planned to include the info in my column and would forget.  So, I'm starting this week's space with a cool thing about Michael Bizzaro.  Here's what Lisa had to say, "There is a fantastic youtube idea where a conductor (Eric Whitacre) does a virtual choir - world wide.  It is an honor to be selected - Michael made this year's and it has just been posted to youtube.  We are so excited for him.   I found his name listed under the Bass I at the end.  Bri says he is in the "world" of United States, two down from the words - haven't found him yet.......about 1:07 into the video.  You told me to let you know if the kids do exciting things, and this is really exciting!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WhWDCw3Mng&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WhWDCw3Mng&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1>

If this doesn't work, go to YouTube and type Eric Whitacre Virtual choir 2011 in the search box."  I did go to youtube and found the virtual choir.  It was a really cool thing.  Thanks, Lisa for sharing!  Sorry it took me so long to pass on the info.

I went to the Veterans Memorial last week to take a picture of John Borowski as he received several medals that were a few years in coming - like maybe 65 or more years!  It was very nice for him to get his Army medals and he was thrilled to share with R-A readers.  Congrats, John!

On Thursday, I also went to the Lady Gator Softball game...the girls did a great job.  They played a double header with Austin and won both games.  Saturday morning was the first annual Race for the Library 5K walk/run.  There were rain drops a few times...maybe quite a few raindrops all at once, too...but other than that, the event could not have gone better.  A big thanks goes to Kari Stake and her committee for organizing this event.  Kari said she plans to make it an annual affair.  They raised over $3,800!  Thanks to all who participated.

Also on Saturday, the daughters of Barry and Carey Boyer pulled off a wonderful surprise Silver Anniversary party for their parents.  Following that I went to my neighbor's 4th birthday party.  Levi Howard is now four years old!  Happy Birthday, Levi.  As if that weren't enough partying for one day, Mike and I went to Charles Cole for a "prom" held for the residents of long-term care.  I'm not really sure of the details, but there was a band (with Port's Howard Foster and Ben Smith...and another gentleman who's name I should know, but it escapes me as I write this) and the students from the Coudersport High School National Honor Society.  For teenagers to give up a warm Saturday evening to brighten the spirits of people residing in long-term care was pretty amazing to watch.  There were three crews - one for setting up...one to be there during the prom and another to clean up.  The decorations were great - a Hawaiian theme!  The kids interacted with the residents...took a couple ladies for a spin on the dance floor in their wheel chairs!  Very touching.  I should have some pictures in next week's Argus and Leader.

We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday as we celebrated Mother's Day.  Then started a busy May week beginning with a trip to the Port Freeze for the first of many Kindergarten field trips this month.  Ed did a good job with the kids and they had some tasty treats they created themselves!  The next event was a Mother's Day Tea at the Senior Center.  They had a "hat contest"...and some very creative entries at that!  Monday night I went to a dress rehearsal for Into the Woods.  The performances are Friday and Saturday nights.  You won't want to miss them.

By the time you read this column, hopefully all the tickets for the 200 Club will be sold...but as of Monday evening, they were not.  Please contact Earl Stromberg to purchase a ticket.  If you can't go, consider it a donation to the Veterans Memorial...you don't have to be present to win the money!   Please support this group by purchasing a 200 Club ticket.  They are $30 each which includes dinner and a chance to win a lot of money.