Please don't be upset if something you are looking forward to seeing in the Reporter Argus takes awhile to appear in print.  There are so many events at this time of the year and only so much space in the paper.  Same thing with picture pages.  Everyone wants to see their event on a picture page.  As it usually happens, May events often mix in with June and we're usually caught up before the calendar page is turned to July.  At this moment, I can't event tell you how many pages I have ahead.  But, we'll get there.  Just be patient!

There are a lot of events going on this weekend.  There is a Chinese Auction to benefit ReBecca Culver's trip to Spain...there's a fundraiser for the People to People Ambassador students, the Town-Wide Yard Sales, the Dinner-Theater Saturday night and probably a bunch of stuff I don't know about.  When it rains it pours - activities that is!

Those who were able to take in the spring musical - Into the Woods - were treated to a special evening.  I sat up front...with a bunch of younger kids.  They were very good audience members.  Right beside me were cousins Jack Lathrop and Lila Ruff.  They were very young...and very well-behaved!  It was fun to watch the show through their eyes.  The cast, crew, directors, orchestra and everyone involved can be very proud.  Thanks for a great weekend of entertainment!

I went to Pitt-Bradford after church on Sunday.  The Big 30 Don Raabe Charity Classic Press Day was held.  I missed the beginning.  I don't think there should be a mandatory event that begins Sunday morning which makes it impossible for most to attend Sunday School and church if they wish to do so.  I've said it before...will probably say it again...but no one cares.   There are six days a week for sports and one day for church.  I was able to do both, but I didn't need to arrive until picture time around 1 p.m.  In any case, the Big 30 does a great job and Press Day is just one event they plan and man.  Good luck to our Port kids who will participate in the Big 30 this year...Camrin Stuckey, Seth Lowery, Ken Kysor, Caryen Healy, Breanna Foster and Renee Edgell.

I forgot to put something in the paper about the concert Wednesday night  (18th) featuring Chorus and Band students in grades 4 through 7.  Next Wednesday, another concert will be held featuring students  in grades 8 - 12.  Hope to see you there!

I've been to a lot of T-ball and baseball games...  will do a picture page on summer ball at some point. They are so much fun!  I need to get a soccer schedule and see if I can fit a few of those games in as well.

I'll try to get some details about the annual Memorial Day celebration...if everything is the same, there will be a ceremony on the Brooklynside Bridge, followed by a ceremony on the town square.  Then the re will be a luncheon at the Veterans Memorial Building.  I know the luncheon is on because I saw it on their activities calendar...the other events, I'm not as sure of the details, but will try to find out before our next issue!

The weather is a little warmer...there hasn't been any snow...but I'm ready for the rain to be done until we need some again.  Weather has been a big topic of conversation since the beginning of the year!

Everyone -  remember to drive safely and allow extra time to get to town and back during the TWYS on Saturday!