Although I hate having Town Wide Yard Sales in the middle of the busiest month of the year, I must admit that organizers could not have picked a better day.  It was a great day to be out.  I've heard that most sales were pretty successful.  For me, I will have a yard sale later on...when I have time to organize one.  Hopefully by the end of June.
I saw a video on youtube, Facebook and Solomon's was created by the Sixth Level Students at PAES.  You must see it!   It was part of the 2011 Promotion Ceremony.  I stopped by the school this morning to take pictures of some of the kids who were honored at the ceremony.  What a bunch nice of kids!
Congrats to District 9 Champion Nick Conway.  It's been a while since PAHS has had a D-9 Champ, from what I've been told.  Good luck to Nick and Camrin Stuckey who are headed to states this Friday and Saturday.
Also, Congrats to Baseball All-stars Zach Sigafoes, Camrin Stuckey and Sam Kysor.
Mike and I went to Lemoyne on Sunday for the graduation party of my friend's daughter, Keri.  She graduated from Millersville.  Congratulations to her as well.
Last week's concert, featuring students from grades from 4 through 7.  I really enjoyed it.  Can't wait for the older kids to perform as well.  It will be the last concert of the 2010-2011 school year.  I'm always sad about that - but appreciate the hard work of the kids and directors.
Don't forget the Memorial Day activities that will be held Monday...10 a.m. on the bridge...11 a.m. on the square...lunch following at the Veterans Memorial Building.  You know that will be good!   Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.