Congratulations to the PAHS Class of 2011. Photos from the ceremony will be featured on this week's picture pages.  Then I hope to work backwards and get some of these other pages done.  There are so many pictures taken in the month of May that it sometimes takes May and most of June to get them all in.  We're doing our best.  Please be patient!

I always have a fondness for each class and am sad when they graduate and move on...this year, as in years past, I had a family member graduating - our first born granddaughter, Amber Rose.   It seems like just yesterday when our two oldest grandsons graduated...but it's been five years for James and a couple for Matthew.   Amber is a special girl and we are very proud of her!  Best wishes to her and to all members of the Class of 2011.

By the time this column is read, the free week at the community pool will be almost over.  Be sure to take advantage of the week's free admission to the pool and see all the pool has to offer. If you're in a position to purchase a ticket, but have no one who swims...think of a family in need who would enjoy having a pool pass and swimming lessons for their children.  Want to help, but don't know how?  Call me...I'll take care of it for you!

T-ball is over, but there are other games going on.  I got a schedule from the Potter-McKean Little League...but that's it.  I hear the Softball team is having a game Friday, but I forgot to ask where...guess I'll just make the shouldn't be too hard to find!

I planned my Monday night around the  Potter-McKean game scheduled for 6 p.m....left my daughter's birthday party to get there before it was over and drove to Edison Bates Drive.   There were kids there, but they were game!  I was afraid I had missed it, but the games always last longer than an hour...or so I thought.  Come to find out, the game had been rescheduled until Tuesday night.  Tuesday night I arrived around 7 p.m.  and was just planning to open the door of the van, but my phone beeped...I had a message.  I hesitated but then decided I had better take it.  I picked up the phone to read the text and a baseball hit the passenger window.  I was so lucky.  The window didn't break...nor did my head!  Had it not been for that text, I may very well be in Charles Cole Hospital instead of writing a column.

The benefit for Nate and Cassie Howard is coming up - June 18th!  Mark your calendars!  The event - a spaghetti dinner, gun raffle, Chinese Auction and more - will be held at the Veterans Memorial Building.

The Sons of the American Legion held a Cook out Raffle and a Chicken and Biscuit Dinner and decided to give the proceeds to Project Healing Waters. Most of you know what Healing Waters is all about...if you're not one of those people "in the know", go to  I was impressed that the SAL donated money to such a worthwhile project.  I'm pretty sure the Veterans Memorial, Inc. is still trying to raise money to pay for their building...and the various groups do have fundraisers that help that cause, but they also do a lot for the community.  Sometimes these things go unnoticed.  They shouldn't!  Port Allegany is very lucky to have a lot of good organizations  and churches who do things for others.

There are so many other activities to talk about - but they, like the pictures, will have to wait for another week.