There's something to be said about small town America.  Sure, we have abandoned buildings down town...the lack of community movie theaters, bowling alleys or malls...but we do have MANY businesses who care about their customers, and community members who care about each other and pull together for a variety of causes.


This was my Saturday.  I went to the Pet Blessing at the United Methodist Church.  It's always a fun event...for humans and their pets.  There were treats for the animals and for the humans.  A collection was taken for the SPCA.  How nice was it for the Nurturing Committee to sponsor such a wonderful event? 


Then I went to the Town Square.  First of all - what a nice Town Square we have.  The Woodcarvers had an event.  The weather was so nice to be outside.  The carvings were great!  I visited with the people from the SWAMP...which is up and running.  Watch for their open sign and stop in to check it out!   I went to the Women's Club stand manned by Gloria McDowell and Marlene Brown at the time I was there.  Sharen Horvath was across the way, organizing her stuff.  I stopped by Mahlon Davenport's spot, talked with his daughter, Carey.  He had a lot of nice stuff.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but I was off to the football field.


I took a few pics of some action between the high school kids and the alumni team.  Speaking of the Alumni game, this year's proceeds will go to PACS.  To get a discount on your ticket, bring two canned goods for the food drive and you'll get $1 off the price of admission.  Introduction of the players begins at 1:30, game time is 2:00 p.m.  If it's anything like last year's event, you won't want to miss it!


Next on my agenda was a trip to Allegany, NY.  It was time to say good-bye to my brother, Kev...his wife, Jackie...and their son Noah.  They had been in the area for several days.  It was so good to see them, sad to see them go!  My nephew, niece and great-niece had arrived from Myrtle Beach, SC - it was our first chance to visit with them, but hopefully we'll see them a lot more before they head back.   Shortly arrived we arrived, my nephew from California walked through the door - his sister and brother-in-law to be had gone to the Buffalo Airport to pick him up.  It was a good time - but ended all too soon as we were on to an "AARP" party.


The "AARP" (Abbott and Abbott Retirement Party) was to honor the Abbott boys - Dana and Tom - as they both have retired from the local glass factory.   Organizers did a great job keeping this event a secret.  We missed the "surprise" moment because we were still saying good-bye in Allegany when that took place...but I heard it was wonderful.  We even got a picture of the old Chestnut Street Gang...we were missing quite a few, but it was great to see the ones who could make it.


Soon after the AARP event, Lexi and I went to the benefit for Nate and Cassie Howard.  Talk about a well-organized fundraiser.  It was amazing to say the least...and the turnout was fantastic.  The newly married couple is truly blessed with wonderful family and friends.  The benefit did very well and Nate and Cassie are very grateful for all the support.


What a wonderful Saturday full of family and friends...a Pet Blessing, a group of people sharing their talent with Woodworking Wonders on the Square, a group of athletes giving back to the town...this year's proceeds of the Alumni game going to feed hungry people; family spending time together, family and friends honoring recent retirees and a community coming together to help a friend in need.  It's small town America at its best.