Twenty-one years is a long time.  Yet, in some instances, twenty one years seem to fly by.  On the Fourth of July, 2011, we celebrated our grandson's 21st birthday.  Matthew Gordon Bosworth was born on the Fourth of July in an Army hospital in North Carolina.  It was a difficult time for me as I wanted to be with Cathleen for the birth of our second grandchild, but I was working... my husband was working...we weren't exactly sure when she be in labor...and we had two little kids still at home.  I tried to guilt my husband into making the trip anyway, but Cathleen told us that it would not be like it was at Charles Cole where she delivered her first son.  She would be in a room with a bunch of other women...her little sisters probably wouldn't be allowed in...and what would we do with them when we wanted to visit the hospital? etc.  Still, I wanted to be there.

We checked in on Cathleen often, but it wasn't like it is now where you pay one price for your phone and call anywhere you want, whenever you want.  No waiting til after 6 for a cheaper price or the even better price that came after 11 p.m.

We had gone to my parent's house for a holiday picnic and then they watched the girls so Mike and I could go to the movies.  We saw Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise.  Mike enjoyed the movie...I kept wondering how Cathleen and the baby were doing.  What seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a few weeks, Cathleen and her family came back to Port.  We were thrilled to meet the newest member of the family. He was adorable then, he is adorable now!  Happy Birthday, Matthew!

BIG GAME Saturday!  Can't wait for the second Gator Alumni game.  Don't forget to bring canned goods and get a discount on the ticket can get a reduction for two canned goods...but why not bring a bag full ?  See you at the game!