The only night I had to be at the Town Square to enjoy Old Home Week 2011 was Monday.  As it was, we had a full day, a  birthday party for Makayla and then off to the carnival we went.  It had taken a little  longer than we expected to clean up after the party so we didn't get to town  until around 8.  Makayla wanted to ride a few rides, so she went with her family to do so.  I went around to take pictures for this week's picture page.  I didn't eat much at the party because I was saving room (and calories) for Bucko's Famous French Fries.  By the time Makayla and family were done and I had enough pictures for the picture page, we went to the French fry stand only to learn they were done for the night.  How could that was the only opportunity we had to have carnival French fries this year...and we blew it!  Oh well.  I'm sure it was better for me - other than the depression I've been suffering over the whole disaster.

The square wasn't that full.  I'm not sure if that was because it was so hot...or if the threat of rain...but hopefully attendance picked up later in the week.  As I said before, I love Old Home Week and was  very sorry that I didn't get to spend more time enjoying the activities.

There are two Vacation Bible School programs scheduled.  One will begin this Sunday....the other begins the following Sunday.  The first is called Monkey Island and will be held at the Alliance Church.  The second is the town-wide VBS and will be held at the Gethsemane Lutheran Church and St. Gabriel's Catholic Church.  Both will offer lots of fun and fellowship for area kids.  Take in one or both!   The kids will love it!

My family attended a little party/shower/reception...not sure what exactly it was called... for  Edward Carter and Jessica Slater.  The couple will be married this weekend in Franklin, PA.  The celebration was a lot of fun.  it was nice to see Edward and  Jess again

and to get to share in their joy.  We were glad to be included. Best wishes to the Carters as they begin their journey as man and wife.

Don't forget the Chicken BBQ with the proceeds going to help fund Cathy Mulcahey's mission trip to Costa Rica.