I just love this time of year.  I love everything about it!   I love the cool crisp weather...the color...the smell...

I love football - Gator football that is - and all the fall sports....and Halloween and collecting for UNICEF and cider and donuts!  

I love taking pictures of family and friends at this time of the year and finding that one last tree with some color.  

What I don't love - is thinking about the snow and cold of winter.  None of it bothers me except for when I want to travel outside the borough limits of Port Allegany.  I can handle driving in the snow at 25 or 35 miles per hour.  Getting on the highway with others who think that you should still drive at 55 or faster even though there is ice and snow on the roads scares me.  

I also love this time of year because we usually go to visit Kacie and Jered in Florida...and my brother and his family in Georgia.  Every year is a struggle, trying to find the time to go.  Between Homecoming and Halloween and senior days and nights and banquets and dinner auctions and church stuff - it's hard to leave.  We usually try to pick a time when I will miss the least amount of activities.  This year - we decided to not even try to go in October.  Hopefully, we will make it before the year's end!

Did you see that the Moments to Remember show raised almost $3,800 for the building fund?  Wow!  A sale of DVD's is pending...so that total could go even higher.  Congratulations to all involved!

Now, what are you doing to help the dinner auction along?  Proceeds from that event goes toward the operating expenses of the library...the day to day bills...the money that keeps the library going.  I've seen lots of neat things.  I think I saw a plane ride...a boat ride...a children's wooden picnic table...not to mention the chair and jewelry chest from J and B Furniture and the handcrafted wooden bowl from Bob Stauffer.  I've yet to get my act together, but hope to do so soon! 

There's a cute little place over on Pine Grove Road - it's called The Great Punkin Patch.  Lexi and I and the girls went over tonight.  The girls enjoyed a cow train ride...we all went on a hay ride.  There's a place to pet animals - bunnies, pigeons, goats, turkeys and the like.  There are pumpkins galore as well as a nice little gift shop.  You can buy fresh popped popcorn, apple cider, hot dogs and the like.  It was fun.  Give it a try!