Soccer Senior Days have come and gone.  They were both very nice.  The poor girls played and were honored during a huge wind storm...but all involved were good sports and just thawed out later.  

I got a little grief over the time change of the boys' event, but that wasn't my fault.  At the time I sent the info to the paper, I had been told the game would begin at 11 a.m.  Friday night (after the paper was already printed and on the newsstands) I was told the game time had been changed to 10 a.m.  The girls' opted to do their ceremony during half-time...the boys decided to do theirs before the game began.  So, anyone who arrived at 11 a.m. for the game, missed they include Volleyball and Golf (combined) on October 26...and football, cheerleader and band on October 30. Be sure to attend and cheer on your favorite athletes/musicians! 

A couple of safety notes...early this morning, I left the H. S. parking lot and it was still dark out.  A guy was walking a couple of dogs on my side of the road with his back to me.  Had one of the dogs not had a patch of white fur, I would have hit the guy.  He was in all dark clothing, walking in the road, on the wrong side of the road.  I had stopped at the stop sign long enough to send a text and then put my phone on the seat.  Had I hit the guy, there would have been an investigation and someone would check my phone and report that seconds before hitting the guy, I had been texting.  It would have been true, but texting would not have been the cause of the accident, the guy being in the wrong place, in the dark, wearing the wrong color clothing!  

Later in the day, after I left the soccer game, I almost got hit by a guy in a black truck that ran the red light by Sheetz.  I was thinking if I got close enough, I should get his license plate number.  I saw the light turn red and thought maybe I would see who just ran the red light.  He fooled me though...he ran that red light, too!  It wasn't that safe of a day for me. 

On Sunday, October 24, the Sunday school students from the UMC will be collecting for UNICEF.  Beginning at 2 p.m. and ending at 4, the Girl Scouts - Kindergarten through high school age - will be collecting for PACS.  UNICEF provides a unique opportunity for children to help children...all over the world.  The kids collecting for PACS will be helping people in their own community.  When the holiday rolls around and children are home from school, they are not eating their breakfasts and lunches at school.  Two meals a day times times one, two, three or more kids per day can put a strain on grocery bills.  Please give what you can to these worthy causes!