Rebecca Schwartz of Port Allegany makes five figures a month working from home.


I have not met Rebecca, but I would love to. She looks like a very cheerful young woman, in the photo on the right of the NY Daily News online webpage. So if you know Rebecca, tell her I would like to interview her and take a photo or two for the local papers.


Rebecca probably reports all her income and pays her taxes. She must have a generous nature, inasmuch as she is willing to share her secret of making all this money, working for a few hours a day. She must know that if it is true that the place she got her 10 websites allows 300 more ambitious home-workers to set up their 10 websites, today, and 300 more tomorrow, and 300 every day, thanks to the invitation on the (phony) news site Rebecca tells us to visit, pretty soon there will be so many Home Cash Flow Solution websites out there, all doing the same thing, it will dilute hers to the point it has no effect.


Or it would if there were a Rebecca Schwartz of Port Allegany. I tend to doubt that there is. I think she is as genuine as all the people in the stock photos on the second site clicking on her ad took me to, each depicting an individual who had been given a name, each individual claiming to be up to his or her hips in clover.


There’s Jason Hall, whose method we are invited to use, and who was saluted as Entrepreneur of the Year by Online Entrepreneur.


Oh, wait. There isn’t any such organization. Perhaps it’s a typo. Should be Entre-manure?


There may be a Jason Hall, but the guy standing there in his sharp suit with skinny pants all pleated horizontally above his scary pointy shoes, arms folded across his thorax, smirking smugly, is just an image from a stock photo company. Jason must have been too busy to have his photo taken, what with marketing the DVD in the photo, which is from the chimerical Online Entrepreneur outfit. On it he is wearing a similar suit and pale blue shirt and plain navy tie, and a post-canary-repast feline grin, whilst giving the viewer (or the photographer) two fingers in the Nixonian gesture of triumph, with his left hand (or underhand), and clutching a cell to his off-camera ear with the right.


Jason, the golden fleecer, if he exists other than as a stock photo, appears to be involved in promoting a Home Cash Flow Solution kit, with a spiral bound book and some other printed matter, and of course the requisite optical media, in a box. You probably would get the kit after providing them with your credit card or PayPal account and signing up as a member, if you hurry up and get in on one of today’s 300 “positions,” which Jason warns you are “going fast.”


There’s an explanation of the three steps to torrential home cash flow, in a visual which features, in the second of three steps, a fascinating icon which I take to be the Eiffel Tower with a giant, teal blue gazing ball balanced on top, radiating blue signal pulses, probably those heard by Jason on his cell.


There are some fascinating accolades on the page where Jason Hall is seen full length, but must be those folks were camera shy too, apparently, because the pictures are more stock photos.


One satisfied cash flow solver makes this remarkable pronouncement: “I just became the newest member of HCFS and I'm glad I did it when I did! I grabbed one of the last spaces available and have turned this opportunity into a money making machine. My Wife and I are making over $10,000 a month using Jason’s system! We have truly been blessed!”


Is that impressive or what? I want to meet Luke Collins too. I want to learn the secret of how he is the newest member, yet he and his (capitalized) Wife have at least a month of experience with Jason’s system and are making over 10 thou a month using it. Does that mean Jason suspended sales for over a month? Forwent some 9,000 applications, representing 90,000 websites, not to mention the $873,000 in income for Jason?


Entrepreneur of the year? Not even second-runner-up Entrepreneur of the Second, Jason. You need somebody besides Luke Collins to fork over in that period. Even I know that, and I don’t have a sign saying “Top Earner’s New Car” leaning up against what is captioned as a new Ferarri. When I get that much money out of a work-at-home scheme, I’ll hire somebody to check my spelling, or at least buy a car I can spell.


I told you Jason Hall and the other joyous cash flow-er people can be seen on the second site I reached after clicking on Rebecca.


The first was a fake news page, supposedly of a network TV website, 10NBC. There is a real NBC10, and it is in Rochester, N.Y., and it has nothing to do with this Home Cash Flow Solutions scam. Everything on the 10NBC page is fake. Everywhere you click takes you to the HCFS page, and there, everything you click takes you to where you hand over your personal info and credit card number and order Jason’s system.


According to the testimonials on the page (which the fine print way down at the bottom admits are “remunerated”—as in PAID, huh?), HCFS is the greatest blessing anyone could receive.


Funny, that’s what the info said that came with the paper prayer rug I was supposed to kneel on, and then send back with my seed faith money…