Black Friday, Schmiday. The technology deals keep coming, and some of them are better than any I saw that day; and some are the same deals, but obviously not sold out, still available.

The HP Deskjet 1050 for $20 is still around. (The ink costs more than the printer—but get compatible ink from a reputable supplier.) The color inks come in a tri-color cartridge and a black, not as advantageous as separate cartridges for different colors.

This is an all-in-one. It scans and faxes. If you just need a scanner but have a good printer, this is a good deal. Scan from this all-in-one, print on a stand-alone printer or a color laser that doesn’t scan. That way you won’t be locked in buying all that tri-color ink, which will quit on you whenever one color is kaput.

If you use the HP DJ 750 as a copier, you will be back to it gobbling cartridges. But if you do mostly black-and-white copying and set the multifunction to printing black-and-white only, The ink you will be replacing will be the black.

That reminds me of a call I had from a person who didn’t identify herself who asked me about sources for white ink. At first I thought the caller was looking for art or scrapbooking supplies.

Then she said it was for her printer. She wanted to do some black-and-white copying and had black ink but no white ink.

“Ah, HAHAHA, good one!” I said.

She was quiet for several beats, then said in a dispirited voice, “I guess that was a stupid question. White is just where the paper shows, right? Only I thought you could actually print in black-and-white even on colored paper…so there isn’t any white ink, is there? Sorry…”

Then I had to apologize for having assumed that she was joking. I think it would make sense to have white ink, or paint or something like Wite-out, that would work in inkjet printers.

Back when I had Epson Stylus color inkjets, one after another, and they were models that had three-color or even four-color cartridges, combined, and a separate black one, it proved expensive to keep the color part fed. I don’t recommend going that route if you can help it.

Most printers do not come with a USB cable. When printers hooked onto parallel ports, they didn’t come with parallel cables either. But you can get a USB cable for $3.

Staples has been selling a 24-inch AOC monitor for $130 shipped. Think of it, an LCD 24-incher!

And there’s a 22-inch LCD HDTV at Target for $157.50 shipped. That would fit perfectly on my TV stand with casters that twirls to face the office or the next room.

Blockbuster has thrown in the towel, or all but the dobby ends. Now Netflix is backing away from its shipped DVDs and pushing its streaming service.

Instant-view has been very popular with Netflix subscribers. There is an enormous selection available for download-and-play, and no waiting for the mail, or sending back.

Obviously Netflix saves mail and envelope costs and doesn’t have to make or have as many copies of movies and other rentables, when users opt for streaming. So Netflix has introduced a watch-now service that does not include the mailed DVD service. The charge is $8 a month, whereas the el-cheapo mail program has gone up to $11.

I found it really difficult to get more than nine or ten DVDs back and forth each month. So I am switching to the instant-view-only plan.

Are you using Netflix? What plan? Do you use instant view? Are you using any of the Internet-based television services? What services work best for you?