Brandon Abbott has graciously agreed to take over the reins of Port Allegany Online as its new webmeister.  I'm sure his decision had nothing to do with my threat to publish online all those compromising photos of him someone sent me.

JUST KIDDING!  He already had them posted... on his own Facebook page!  ;)

I started PAO in 1997 more or less as a way for me to learn something about website construction and to give me something to do in retirement. All these years later, I still don't know much about website construction but thankfully, I'm still in retirement!

It's been fun, but the best part has been how the website has kept us posted on the goings-on back home, especially after we moved away in 2003. I suspect PAO is most valued by ex-pats whom, like Sue and me, spent many years working, raising a family, and playing in the Port area and now live elsewhere.

What you remember most coming from a really small town are the people because - let's face it - there just isn't much else.

Living in a big city, one might recall favorite restaurants, theaters, parks, pro sports venues, historic attractions, and jetting out of an international airport.  We distant "Portians" remember things like school days, the Hogan, Saturday football, "eating out" at Canoe Place, the Port Freez, Foxes Pizza, the Two Mile, and "picking up a few things" at DeMotts Hardware and Pharmacy, Burleson's True Value, and the Jubilee, or long rides in the countryside.

Mostly though, we remember our friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers, many of them community volunteers. They made the town livable and even the long, cold winters a little less chilly (I can still see neighbors Howie Owen and Ralph Ralph, covered in spindrift as they wrestled their snowblowers down the length of our 160' of sidewalk frontage after a particularly heavy snowfall. back thanks you and I thank you!)

Each week when Pam Fischer or Martha Knight or George Petrisek would send me photos and articles for the website, it was like getting a letter from home filled with familiar names and faces.  I, on behalf of all viewers of PAO, want to offer a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to this  journalistic threesome for their efforts and generosity over the years. PAO would have withered on the vine long ago without them.

I don't know what Brandon has in mind for the site, so I'm as curious as you might be to see how it transforms. It will be good to have the webmeister living in situ, so-to-speak, and I'm sure his younger, more dynamic vision (not to mention sense of humor) can only benefit the site as it moves into the 21st century.

The transition will no doubt be rough - neither of us are pros at this - so give him some breathing room before emailing any complaints. Always keep in mind, he - like so many others in Port - is a volunteer. 

I wish him and all my friends in Port, the best of luck.     - Doc