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My Thoughts...                        July 30, 2011


The all-mighty dollar speaks again!  Cuts are being made to the state budget where legislators deem necessary.


State legislators are spending time finding ways to cut a dime here, and dollar there.  While that is all good, why are they not first looking at their salaries?  Many could afford to shave a few thousand from their paychecks!


Salaries of the Rendell administration ranged from just under 175k for Rendell down to over 145,500 for the Treasurer during the Rendell administration.  Salaries for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Attorney General and Treasurer totaled just under $738,837 for the previous administration.  Having said that, think of how many teachers could be employed for that price. lists Representative Martin Causer’s salary at $76k and the average teacher’s salary in Pennsylvania is at $35,000.  Twenty-one teachers could be employed for their first year for the same amount of money paid out to the previous top employees of the state of Pennsylvania.  Startling isn’t it?


Salaries for Superintendents in our area of Pennsylvania were/are as follows…



Sandra Romanowski


1/2005 – 6/2008

Students – 2,835



George A Nuffer III


8/2003 – 6/2006

Students - 938



Michael G. Schwarz


1/2006 – 6/2010

Students – 388



Sandra Chlopecki


7/2007 – 6/2012

Students – 1,294



Robert J Falk


7/2005 – 6/2010

Students – 787


*Port Allegany

Martin A Flint


8/2002 – 6/2007

Students – 1051



George J. Romanowski


2007 – 6/2009

Students – 972



Did you catch that?  Look again.  Bradford pays their superintendent roughly the same salary as the school district of Smethport.  Difference is a merely 3 times the student population.  Quite the head-scratcher huh?  Feel sorry for those in Galeton, paying their head boss some $265.00 per student?  While $83.73 per student is given to Martin Flint of Port Allegany?  With so many areas of the country crying over lack of funds for various schools, etc., one would think there would be a formula paid state-wide for each student when it comes to school districts.  Using a per student formula, Port Allegany pays roughly $20.00 more per student over the cost of a superintendent several hills over in McKean County.  Why is that?  Have you ever wondered or questioned this?


*Editors Note: Figures were taken from and may not reflect current salaries for the districts represented in this edition of My Thoughts.  The source states that figures were initially requested in 2007.


Assuming all super's have the same degrees, why is there such a range of salaries within those we’ve listed here?  Five of the seven districts are within the same county…ranging from 88k to 111k.


What are your thoughts on this subject?  Concerned with the difference in salaries?  Drop PAO an e-mail and give us your 2 cents.



My Thoughts...                        July 22, 2011


The temperature is in the low 90's, the carnival is winding down, and I'm sitting in an a/c'd room.  What's on my mind this time?


The heat.  While I like winter, and I like summer...this 90 degree weather is a bit too much.  Please remember your neighbor....small or large (re: pets) and young or young at heart.  If you have someone nearby you see on a regular basis and then things change during this kind of weather, please take a minute to stop and check on them.  You may be the first person that neighbor has seen in weeks.


How are you staying cool?  Drop us an e-mail any time about this or any other subject.



My Thoughts...                        July 11, 2011


I just read over a news source which posted a police report of an incident which occurred last evening.  While I won't regularly use this space to post police matters, this one is a bit bothersome.


Picture're driving down the road at any hour of the day.  Listening to the radio.  Your favorite tune is're singing along.


Coming toward you at 55MPH is a heap of metal on 4 wheels.  Behind the wheel?  An underage driver.  Oh, no, they're of age to drive...just not legal to drink.


In the news release it states this person drove through a yard, before striking a fire pit.  What if kids were in that yard playing or it was night and there were people around the fire pit?


From what the news source states, the accused left the scene, didn't leave information for the property owner and was later located and arrested.


Who agrees with the idea the accused should have their license revoked until they are 25 along with paying damages and doing community service?  Simply slapping the wrist of the accused is not right.  It reminds me of the possibility of charging a teen in the case of a local murder as a teen.


Personally, I like the idea of revoking a license until the accused is 30 years of age.  Obviously this 20 year old is not mature enough to be behind the wheel and handle alcohol in the right way.  Another year or two probably won't make a difference.  Possibly, after walking or asking for a ride for a decade will sink in and do some good.


Who among us believes giving the accused a decade to think about their mistake is a fair option?  Your thoughts are welcomed.




My Thoughts...                            June 27, 2011


Very few things irritate me.  Very few are topics of interest to others…some times, many others.


There is a time and a place to stick up for yourself.  There is a time and place to enforce rules.  Right?


Let’s go back a few weeks.  Graduation 2011.  Specifically, PAHS graduation.  Dozens are sitting on stage, awaiting their name to be called.  Waiting for the last time they may hear their name called over a PA system by a higher authority…this time for a good reason.  Sitting somewhere in the audience is a classmate.  Excluded from commencement activities.  Why, you ask?  His choice of foot apparel.


As one goes through school, they may pick fights over a girl or guy, reasons for general harassment or a number of other reasons that as we enter adulthood, make us laugh.  One would never imagine growing older, inching closer toward high school graduation, knowing they were going to be singled out for their choice of footwear on the day of graduation.  After all, who is sitting in the audience, looking at each graduates feet?


I can understand the need for sneakers for something like physical education.  After all, who wants to play dodge ball or volleyball in anything other than sneakers?


Where did the school district, educators or administration go wrong?  Knowing that hiring is approved by the board at some point, where did this child slip through the cracks?  Why didn’t the board step up – over-ride the principal, superintendent or graduation advisor?  In my day, when we graduated we were not permitted to toss our caps once we stepped outside the front doors for the last time.  This year’s class was photographed doing so.  Allowed to toss caps in 2011, but not permitted to be an individual and wear footwear that wasn’t “loud”, but shows one’s individualism?  Something is terribly wrong here.


This topic can also be found elsewhere on PAO later this week.  Your thoughts are welcomed by that author and by myself.


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