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October 7, 2010



Despite the call for rain, it was a wonderful weekend.  A little windy, but we didn't get wet and we didn't, all was good. 
Congratulations to Renee "Whoopie" Edgell and  Brock Bricker - the 2010 Homecoming  Queen and King. Homecoming events were sponsored by the Student Council. Advisor for the group is Erin Moran.  From what I heard, and what I could see - every thing went pretty smoothly. 
Although Homecoming is sponsored by the Student Council, another group puts in more than a few hours in preparation for the annual event.  The PAHS Cheerleaders made more posters and banners than I could count.  They put together the pep assembly as well as the bonfire.  They participate in  the parade and cheer at the game.  They also host a spaghetti dinner for the players, coaches and managers.  It's a busy week for the girls - and probably almost all of them are also involved in other activities. 
I had to make a quick trip to Olean  Saturday morning so I parked my car in the football field parking lot so I would be sure to have a spot if I didn't get back as quickly as planned.  It was early when I made my way to Mill Street.  The cheerleaders had already been around town with signs and were at the field...decorating.  Their efforts did not go unnoticed.  I heard many comments and compliments during the afternoon. 

Before I forget, I want to correct something from last week's column...or I guess add to would be the better way to put it.  I had written, "Although Dick's position as Borough Manager is not a volunteer position, I've been told on more than one occasion that the community has no idea what he does for this community and that his is not a "9 to 5" job."  The second part of that sentence was somehow omitted in print.  Dick was honored as an Unsung Hero for how well he does his job, for going above and beyond and for his volunteer work with groups such as the Rotary Club.  I'm not sure what people were thinking after reading that column, but hopefully this will clear things up. 

Anyone interested in Senior Day/Night events - here is the schedule I have.     Lady Gator Soccer Senior Day will be on October 15; Gator Soccer Day will be October 16.  Volleyball Senior Night will be October 26 and Football Senior Day will be October 30.  
Don't miss out on making a donation to the annual Library Dinner Auction.  Tickets are on sale now.  Space is limited!


    See you around town!  -  PAM


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