I'll start this week's column with something I meant to say last week
- and forgot! I was given photo credit for pictures from the Ridgway
Football game that ran a week or two ago, but they were not my
pictures. Videographer extraordinaire, Pat Crants, has backed me up
for the past several years when I have been on my fall Florida trips
or when I have not been able to make away games. He did so, once
again, when the guys played in Ridgway. I appreciate his help and
want to be sure he his given credit for his efforts! He also covered
the Curwensville game Friday night. Pat doesn't look for any credit
and is never upset when I'm given credit. In fact, I'm probably in
trouble for bringing attention to it at this time, but I'll risk it, I
guess. Anyway, thanks, Pat!

By the time you read this column, Moments to Remember will have been
presented. I've had fun covering the rehearsals and promoting the event. If there's fun in such a mundane thing as hitting a few rehearsals, you can bet the show will be something you won't want to miss. Hopefully you all have your tickets by now.

I was at Lynn Farber's the other night when the Library Dinner Auction
Committee met. What a hardworking group of people! Ed Vicic was in
attendance that night. He had prepared food which the committee would
sample while hearing about the LDA menu. He brought lemon chicken
soup, stuffed pork loin with mango chutney, polynesian shrimp, jerk
turkey and grilled pineapple. I'll be honest here. If I saw any of
those things on a restaurant menu, I would not order them. Only
because I'm not very adventurous and I tend to not try new
things...mainly because if I don't like it - then I'm still hungry and
I've wasted money. The food Ed prepared, however, was delicious. It
made me realize, once again, that I should try knew things. However,
there are those...some in my family, even, that would look at that
menu and decide they weren't going to have a good meal. There's
nothing to fear, though, as Ed told me there would also be grilled
chicken, roasted red skin potatoes and some homemade rolls. the best
of both worlds!

In reality, however, the meal is not the reason to attend the auction.
We're there to raise money for the operating expenses of the library.
The food is a bonus!

Whether it is a class reunion or a benefit for an individual or a
library dinner auction, it surprises me when people wonder if the
"dinner" was worth the price tag. When going to a reunion, the price
isn't just about the food - it's about the decorations, plates,
napkins, silverware, the paper, envelopes and stamps, the music, the
rental of the space, etc. Same thing with the dinner auction. Your
ticket price isn't just for the food - it's for a variety of things -
plus...it's a fundraiser!

In any case, this food is going to be good...and I'm not just talking
or hoping - I've tasted it - it's delicious!

I had a fun weekend covering PAHS Boys and Girls Soccer, Community
Soccer, Youth Football. We also attended the Cinco C's Alpaca Farm
Open House. That was really fun! The animals are so adorable and the
owners and their helpers are so informative and helpful. It was a
great time.