Child custody issues, a found purse missing its owner and a noisy upstairs tenant were among matters brought to the attention of the Port Allegany Police Department in the week that began Monday, September 27 and ended Sunday, October 3.


Last Monday Chief Dave Distrola got an 8:45 a.m. complaint concerning trash strewn in a ditch area next to Culverís Bus Garage. The Code Enforcement officer was alerted, and he contacted an adjacent property owner.


At 1 p.m. there was a traffic complaint from a motorist who stated that he was being cut off by trucks making wide turns in front of the truck delivery entrance of Saint-Gobain.


At 3:40 p.m. Distrola received a complaint concerning a juvenile who had been caught possessing marijuana at Port Allegany Junior-Senior High School. Charges will be filed if lab results support the allegation.


Last Tuesday evening Officer Adam Dickerson received a complaint that a juvenile had not returned to his fatherís Arnold Avenue home. Apparently the boy was at his motherís home. Dickerson made a courtesy contact to request that the boy return to his fatherís to avoid dispute. It was noted that there is no custody order to enforce. 


Last Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Chief Distrola got a complaint concerning a dog that was said to be chained outdoors in the rain without shelter at 15 South Pine Street. Distrola contacted a person at the residence who was identified as a babysitter. She said the dog was outside because of her allergies. The SPCA was notified and Tony Danias responded to conduct a follow-up. 


A call came in at 1 p.m. concerning a possible medical problem at a Pine Street apartment. The landlord reported that an upstairs tenant was pounding on the floor and yelling. Distrola found that the tenant seemed confused and unaware of his surroundings, so he contacted the personís mother, and asked for a 911 ambulance dispatch. The individual was transported to the emergency room at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.


An hour later Distrola received a report that a 22-year-old male had walked away from Maple Manor. A Bradford family member had reported the inpatient missing from the drug-alcohol abuse treatment facility. The patient was self-admitted, and not under court order. The family member said the missing patient had been wearing a dark blue or black fleece pullover and black sweat pants with a white stripe, and black sneakers. The family member believed the patient would return to the Bradford area, but was concerned because the young man may suffer from depression and anxiety.


Officer Kyle Day was dispatched to a location on the Square at 1:36 a.m. Friday, to meet with a complainant who said she had been assaulted in the Midtown Bar. Elizabeth Knapp alleged that she had been punched by Jennifer Straight while in the bar and had sustained minor injuries to her lip. Day tried to contact Straight but was unsuccessful. Investigation continues; charges may be pending.


Friday afternoon at 2 Distrola received a complaint from Yuan Hai Yan of China Light that a patron he identified as Jerry L. Dowell Jr. had failed to pay $25.45 in meal charges on September 29 after a credit card he proffered was declined. Yan said Dowell had promised to return later with cash payment but did not. The phone number given by the customer was no longer in service. Bradford police were asked to seek the subject at his last known address, and reported that he no longer lives there. Investigation continues. 


Saturday morning at 1:46 a.m. Officer Tony Tanner received a complaint of an attempted break-in at 52 Church Street. Martha Templeton said someone kicked in her screen door and broke a glass pane in her inner door, sometime between 12 midnight and 1:43 a.m. She said nothing was missing. 


Shortly after noon Saturday Officer Day found a purse outside the entrance of the police office. The Pennsylvania driverís license in it bore the name of Jessica Lee Smith of Rew. Day tried to reach Smith but was unable to locate her. 


At 7:20 p.m. Saturday Officer Tanner was dispatched to 115 East Maple Street, where a suspicious person had been reported. Once there he spoke with the complainant, who said someone had stopped and asked about a room for rent, and other ďodd information.Ē The resident thought the questionerís behavior was such that he might be casing the place. Tanner did not locate the person in question.


That night at 10:42 a resident complained of being harassed in that relatives had claimed she was an unfit parent and they wanted to take her child. However she refused to provide a formal statement or to identify the relatives in question.


12:45 a.m. Sunday found Adam Rotino allegedly loitering behind the Jubilee. Officer Tanner learned that there was a Potter County warrant out for Rotino. Tanner took Rotino to the Potter County line and handed him off to Coudersport Borough Police.


Sunday evening at 7:56 Tanner went to the parking lot by the football field to help an owner unlock a vehicle.


At 8:56 p.m. Tanner was dispatched to a Smith Avenue address in connection with a child custody issue. A woman there said her 16-year-old niece was with her again. The parents were contacted and the girl went with her father. Tanner advised the parties to take legal steps to resolve custody issues.