People behaved pretty well in Port Allegany, in the week that began Monday, October 11 and ended Sunday, October 17, according to the Port Allegany Police Department log. However, a couple of parked vehicles were menaced by a third vehicle during a parallel parking attempt, and a taxpayer allegedly tried to stiff a tax preparer.


Last Tuesday at 8:39 p.m., Officer Tony Tanner went to 608 North Main Street in response to a report by Jared Nellis that a dark colored car pulled away from the rear of his residence, in the alley, as Nellis was returning home.


At 5:25 p.m. last Wednesday Officer Adam Dickerson responded to a report of a fight on the Square. Bobbi Jo Saltsman reported the fracas, which involved juveniles. Charges are pending.


Thursday Chief Dave Distrola received a 2:25 p.m. complaint from Bob Healy that a tax service client had failed to pay for the services Healy had provided. Distrola said he would speak to the subject and encourage the subject to pay the tax prep fee so as to avoid further difficulties.  


Friday at 10:30 a.m. Officer Kyle Day addressed a parking issue on Katherine Street, where the roadway was about to be paved. A disabled vehicle owned by David Miles of 93 South Main Street was moved out of the way promptly by Miles or at his behest.


Shortly after noon Saturday Officer Day saw a motor vehicle strike two parked vehicles as a Meadow Lane resident attempted to parallel park. Day reported no visible damage to the parked vehicles, and indicated that he would notify family members of the driver of the driverís apparent difficulty driving, or at least parking.


At 5:50 p.m. Day received a report that a female juvenile had left her home without permission, He located the girl and returned her to her East Mill Street home, as requested by her father.

Sunday, serenity reigned.