Port Allegany Police had a fairly quiet week, from Monday, November 1 through Sunday, November 7. Still, one overly vocal dog has put its owner into the dog house with neighbors and police, and someone thought to have OD’ed on medication was transported to the hospital.


Last Tuesday at 2:45 a.m. Officer Adam Dickerson received a call concerning a barking dog at 311 North Main Street. Owner Carol Dougherty will be cited, this being the third complaint to police about the noisy pet.


At 9 a.m. last Wednesday Chief Dave Distrola received a complaint about something being stolen out of an unlocked truck at a North Main Street address. The incident is under investigation.


Last Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. Officer Tony Tanner got a complaint that a PSP game console had been taken from a Church Street address. The theft is under investigation.


Thursday Tanner was notified at 8:30 p.m. that a female juvenile apparently had overdosed on medication. She was transported by ambulance to Charles Cole Memorial Hospital for evaluation.


At 10:25 p.m. Tanner found an open door on Arnold Avenue. He notified the property owner, and the door was secured.


Friday at 2 p.m. Officer Kyle Day received a complaint that someone had stolen an iPod from a vehicle while it was parked at the Dollar General. Charges will be filed.


The remainder of the week was uneventful.