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Port Grad Graduates From Basic Training

    Army National Guard Pfc. Zacharey J. VanCise has graduated from the Basic Field Artillery Cannon Crewmember Advanced Individual Training course at Fort Sill, Lawton, OK.

    The course is designed to train service members to maintain, prepare and load ammunition for firing; operate and perform operator maintenance on prime movers, self-propelled Howitzers, and  ammunition vehicles; store, maintain, and distribute ammunition to using units as a member of battery or battalion ammunition section; and participate in organizational maintenance of weapons and related equipment; and establish and maintain radio and wire communications.

    Vancise is the son of Darlene Brown of Port allegany , and grandson of Earl Strait of Duke Center.

    His wife is, Sonya, is the daughter of David Cross, and Sheila Cross, both of Harrisville.

    He graduated in 2008 from Port Allegany High School, and received an associate degree in 2009 from Triangle Tech Inc. - Dubois.


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